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2022 QNET Wrap-Up: Top 12 QBuzz Posts You Loved Reading

As we slowly wrap up the year, let’s look at the top 12 QBuzz posts from 2022, according to you, our lovely readers. Thank you for every view, every like, every reshare and every comment, especially for being such loyal readers and supporters. Let’s look at our most popular 2022 QNET stories on QBuzz, according to you. Re-read your favourites and discover some new ones. 

1. Myth-busting: How to Help Friends and Family Understand That QNET is Not a Scam

Holiday time is family time, which means many conversations about work and life. For us in the direct selling industry, this can be yet another time to explain the difference between legitimate direct selling businesses and pyramid schemes, among other myths. This article is our most popular QBuzz Post of 2022 for a reason and will help you have this very important conversation with your circles. 

2. QNET is a Business Opportunity, Not a Job

This is another popular myth-busting article about the difference between direct selling and regular corporate jobs, and can help anyone wondering to understand QNET better. A must-read. 

3. What Lies Ahead: The Future of QNET and the Direct Selling Industry

The fallout of the global pandemic hit businesses worldwide in an unprecedented way. In this article, you read about how direct selling has made it through unscathed, and what a future as a direct seller would look like in the next 5 years. 

4. QNET Ghana: 5 Cool Facts About the Company

This post will teach you about QNET in Ghana, from expos and events to RYTHM activities that help the community. Catch a glimpse of the award-winning Mama Campaign as well. 

5. Diamond Star Raghu Maurya Reddy On Being A QNET Achiever

QNET success stories are our pride and joy, and this one was on top of our QBuzz posts for 2022. Be inspired by the story of Diamond Star Raghu Maurya Reddy, and see his advice to fellow QNET direct sellers. 

6. QNET Power Couple AVP Brijesh Yadav And Yashu Tyagi on Becoming Blue Diamond Stars

AVP Brijesh Yadav and Yashu Tyagi 2022 QNET

There’s nothing quite as inspiring as a couple or a team who find success together – the stats don’t lie. Read about how AVP Brijesh and AVP Yashu tackled rejections and roadblocks and succeeded in QNET. 

7. 24 Unforgettable Defining Moments In QNET History

On the occasion of QNET’s 24th anniversary, we reminisced on the top 24 highlights and milestones from each year of our QNET History. As you end your year, also think of your biggest triumphs. 

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8. The QNET products and services that are bettering people’s lives

In this listicle, you will find the seven life-enhancing QNET products and services that our IRs vouch for. Which one is your favourite?

9. 2022 QNET Awards: Here’s Everything We’ve Won So Far This Year

2022 has been massive for QNET all around, but snagging 44 awards in 2022 has got to be a highlight. Read all about the many accolades we’ve collected globally this year. 

10. 5 Ways To Kickstart Your Direct Selling Dream

This is a great guide for those starting with direct selling and QNET to help you on your journey. Building the right foundation will help set you up for sustainable success. 

11. Make 2022 your year to glow!

These five simple skincare tips helped usher in a healthy 2022. This is a good time of year to remind yourself of the lessons and continue that glow-up routine. 

12. 5 Reasons Why Direct Selling Is Perfect For Today’s Youth Entrepreneurs

Direct selling is the perfect opportunity for people craving flexibility and financial freedom, but it’s a match made in heaven if you are a youth entrepreneur. Read this post to find out why. 

Celebrate another fruitful year by rereading these and sharing them with your friends and family. Did your favourite QBuzz post make it to this list? Which post did you enjoy more on re-read? Let us know in the comments. 


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