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2022 QNET Wrap-Up: Building A Green Legacy


We’ve had a very green 2022 while laying the foundation for QNET’s thriving Green Legacy. Our global projects were carefully chosen for maximum positive impact. We are so proud to be part of these activities that have made a difference in the world.

Here are some of our biggest highlights from 2022. 

QNET’s Green Legacy Programme

Not only did QNET continue to champion sustainable practices in 2022, but we also partnered with trusted environmental non-profits on the ground to kick off several projects worldwide. This included, among other things, a reforestation initiative in partnership with Ecomatcher and the Global Forest project. 

World Environment Day 2022

On World Environment Day 2022, QNET planted 2000 mangrove trees in Bali in partnership with RYTHM Foundation and the Indonesian Armed Forces.  

In Algeria, QNET staff helped with the reforestation efforts on a forest destroyed by wildfires last year. In Morocco, QNET hosted a workshop for rural children in Casablanca on preserving water resources. 

QNET also called for accelerated action to tackle the impacts of climate change, especially as it disproportionately affects growing economies like Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries. You can read all about that in the prestigious Nigerian newspaper Vanguard.  

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Cairo Water Week 2022

At the 5th Annual Cairo Water Week, a preparatory platform for COP 27, QNET engaged key decision-makers and advocated for water-related measures, especially climate change. “The strain on water supply in areas with unpredictable rainfall, such as in the Middle East, has made millions endure severe water scarcity. Today, the situation is further exacerbated by the ongoing climate crisis. State governments, private entities, and communities play a pivotal role in addressing the current water crisis. As a global business committed to making a positive social impact, QNET supports the development of healthy, safe, and prosperous communities worldwide,” said QNET’s Deputy Regional General Manager for the Middle East and North Africa, Hussam Eldin Elmilliegi. 

You can read all about that on Yahoo! Finance here. 

Houseplant Selfie Challenge

With hundreds of entries from all over the world, the #HouseplantSelfieChallenge was a big indication of how much our QNET family backed our pledge for a more sustainable future. People shared photos of themselves with their favourite house plants and routines to raise awareness of the importance of putting the planet first and leaving behind a greener legacy for the future generation. Look at our winning entries and follow us on QNET Official Instagram for more initiatives like these.  




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