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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Living the Best Work-From-Home Life


The global coronavirus pandemic has irrevocably changed the workforce as we know it.

In 2022, about 25% of the ‘office’ workforce was considered ‘work from home’, a significant jump on previous years’ figures. And that number is growing, with some calling the work-from-home phenomenon “here to stay” and “the largest societal change in America since the end of World War II”.

When so many lost their once-stable, 9-5 jobs, they turned to other business opportunities, such as direct selling and the gig economy, to provide a steady source of income and personal connections. Meanwhile, countless more people have been made to adapt to new office-slash-work-from-home hybrid working models.

The ‘Work From Home’ Lifestyle

As entrepreneurs, many of us were already a part of this ‘work from home’ lifestyle before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Whether you’re an Independent Representative as a side hustle or whether it’s your full-time passion and profession, chances are high that a significant part of your QNET business takes place in your home office.

So, as more and more people turn their homes into workspaces and embrace either full-time or hybrid at-home work, it is becoming increasingly essential to ensure clean, antiviral spaces in which to work at home while setting physical and mental barriers between our work life and our home life.

Here are some tips for how to live your best work-from-home life:

1. Create a dedicated workspace

This could be the most important consideration when working from home. Having a dedicated workspace at home has both physical and mental benefits. Firstly, it allows you to be physically organised and productive, with files and notes in their correct place and a sense of order in your surroundings. It also helps to minimise distractions and temptations from the rest of the house and family members.

Secondly, a dedicated workspace allows you to mentally ‘clock in’ and switch to ‘business mode’ when you sit down, helping you to focus better and be more productive and creative. And perhaps even more importantly, a dedicated workspace allows you to mentally ‘clock out’ and switch to ‘family mode’ when you step out of your work zone.

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2. Ensure good natural lighting

Natural lighting will help set the tone for your workspace, put you in a good mood, and even save you from office-related health issues. A study by New York’s Cornell University shows that natural light in an office contributes to an 84% reduction in headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, and general fatigue.   

3. Take regular breaks

In a traditional office, having colleagues around often leads to impromptu breaks for a chat. And there is usually a general understanding that everyone will break for one hour at lunchtime. However, when we work from home, it can be easy to get caught up in what we’re doing and forget to take breaks. But taking breaks when working from home is important to avoid things like burnout in the long run and loss of focus and concentration in the short term.

4. Make sure you’re breathing good, clean air

An antiviral air purifier is an effective way to clean the air around us and ensure we’re not breathing in stale, dirty air that can impact our productivity, energy levels, and health. Particularly in the wake of COVID-19, protecting ourselves against airborne viruses is just as important in our home as it was in our office.

Furthermore, breathing clean air helps to keep us alert and focussed; research shows there is a direct link between poor air quality and reduced productivity.

HomePure Zayn – Antiviral Protection For Entrepreneurs Who Work From Home

The new normal is here to stay. With the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic now firmly integrated into our lives, an air purifier with antiviral protection is vital in your home, whether you are #WFH or not.

So, in light of the new normal, HomePure Zayn air purifier was recently made even better, thanks to an additional antiviral layer in its replaceable HPP+ Filter.

And with an indoor coverage of 36 sqm – the average home office size is about 15 sqm – you can be sure your work-from-home space is well protected against indoor air pollution and is optimised for productivity.




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