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#BeTheImpact: How QNET Has Effected Sustainable Change and Built Communities


From the beginning, QNET has focused on empowering lives and positively impacting the world.

And with Mother Earth and her people continuing to face challenges, we remain as committed as we drive lasting change to build a sustainable world

This dedication is why we emphasise community building and environmental sustainability through the QI Group’s social impact arm RYTHM Foundation and its other partners. It also attests to why QNET has been and always will be about more than financial rewards.

With that in mind, here’s a look at just a few of our most impactful environmental sustainability and community development efforts over the years:

Advocating plant-based diets

Not only can consuming meat be harmful to the human body, but meat production has also significantly contributed to greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and pollution. Hence QNET’s implementation of our #GoMeatFree policy from Day 0 ensures all our offices and events worldwide are meat-free.

This doesn’t mean that we, as a company, only engage with vegans or vegetarians. However, it does mean QNET is serious about preserving the Earth and that we have continued to advocate plant-based eating as one of the most sustainable ways to help us achieve that.

Prioritising eco-friendly product development and packaging

Like with our stance on meat, QNET’s decision some years ago to ban single-use plastics (SUPs) from our offices, events and conventions underlines the importance of making a strong stand against the impact of SUPs on the environment.

And perhaps most significantly, we have adopted comprehensive eco-conscious product development and supply processes. This includes ensuring that all our suppliers are ethical and environmentally responsible and that product packaging is reusable, biodegradable, and incorporates eco-friendly ink and Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper.

Reforesting the Earth

Launched in partnership with social enterprise Ecomatcher in 2021 and continued with several other environmental organisations worldwide, QNET’s Green Legacy initiative appears, on paper, as a project that aims to replenish an Earth that’s been ravaged by deforestation.

Yet it has always been about more than merely planting 10,000 trees around the world, from Kenya and Algeria to the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and the Philippines. To quote QNET’s chief executive Ms Malou Caluza, it is about raising awareness on the critical role forests play. She says, “We are in a long-term partnership to ensure these forests thrive long into the future while meeting the needs and desires of each community.”

Ensuring ‘whole of organisation’ participation

While it’s true that many companies have corporate social responsibility initiatives, QNET’s commitment to making a difference extends to getting our staff to invest their time and effort for the betterment of underserved persons.

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All QNET employees dedicate at least 16 hours yearly to causes in their communities. And this has included staff involvement in beach cleaning initiatives, food distribution drives, programmes for differently-abled children and youths, and even large, cross-border conservation efforts. More importantly, all these have resulted in QNET employees dedicating over 100,000 hours in more than 20 countries in the past ten years.

Emphasising macro- and micro-community building

Incidentally, not all of QNET’s sustainable and community-building efforts are large initiatives.

Indeed, while the company continues to lead regional discussions on reforestation and water sustainability, it remains firmly attentive to the needs of individuals and often-overlooked communities in need.

This is typified, in fact, by two key RYTHM Foundation-powered initiatives — the Maharani Programme and Taarana School — which are geared towards improving educational access for girls from underserved communities and children with special needs, respectively.

It is also illustrated by the breadth and broad scope of QNET’s high-impact development efforts, with programmes that run the gamut from providing solar electricity in the Himalayas and lessons for indigenous children in Malaysia to delivering aid to families that have been hurt by war and the Covid-19 pandemic.

You, too, can #BeTheImpact

“Raise Yourself To Help Mankind” has always been our driving philosophy here at QNET. But despite 25 years of dedication, no one can do it alone. That’s where all of us come in.

Everyone has the potential to make a difference because every interaction in our lives is an opportunity to spread positive impact around us.

You can be part of this change too! Start today by sharing your impact goals and pledging your commitment to #BeTheImpact as we strive together to make the world a better place for everyone.   




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