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Celebrity Trends: Alkaline Water on the Red Carpet

Beyoncé and Shaquille O’Neal. Jennifer Lopez and Tom Brady. Miranda Kerr and Mark Wahlberg.

No, this isn’t the scoop on the latest celebrity romances! These big names are among the many in Hollywood and beyond who reportedly drink ionised alkaline water as part of their daily health and beauty regime.

“Being healthy is the way that I am. I try to keep a healthy house,” says Miranda Kerr, a former Victoria’s Secret model and mother of three.

“I have alkaline water filters in my kitchen sink and shower heads. I learned about the benefits of alkaline in your body from studying nutrition, and there are many ways to do it – drinking alkaline water is one of them,” Kerr told Into The Gloss beauty website of her ionised water routine.

Queen Bey herself insists on alkaline water when she is on tour. Considering the physically draining feats of dancing endurance she puts on for every show, Beyoncé takes advantage of the ultra-hydrating power of hydrogen-rich, alkaline water, which is absorbed faster and more efficiently by the body.

On the sports field, star quarterback and pro-athlete Tom Brady swears by alkaline ionised water for its anti-inflammatory properties, saying it eases his joint pain and improves his athletic performance.

So, What’s The Big Deal?

There’s a reason that ionised alkaline water – something that has been around for more than 90 years – has become one of the biggest health trends amongst today’s Hollywood elite and professional athletes.

Alkaline water has a high pH level (pH means potential for hydrogen), and it is from this high concentration of dissolved hydrogen molecules that many of the elixir’s scientifically researched health claims originate.

Having access to a water ioniser, such as the HomePure Viva water ioniser and filter, means having access to the world’s healthiest water, giving benefits such as decreasing oxidative stress, detoxification, and giving your skin that healthy, dewy glow.

1. Live Better, Sleep Better

good nights sleep

The high levels of hydrogen in alkaline water act as a therapeutic antioxidant, which is important to protect cells and biomolecules from the toxic effects of oxidative damage, helping to prolong the natural life of our body’s cells. This means ionised alkaline water helps to reduce oxidative stress, one of the major causes of many lifestyle-related diseases and chronic conditions, such as cancer, cardiovascular (heart) disease, and diabetes, as well as neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Relieving oxidative stress can also have other secondary benefits, such as better sleep and more energy.

2. Age Gracefully

“Hydrogen does not extend the maximum age, but makes life healthier until it lasts.”

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As noted by Professor Shigeo Ohta, PHD – often referred to as the ‘father of hydrogen’ thanks to his dedicated research on the subject – nothing can stop the ageing process. But by treating our bodies with care – inside and out – we can slow down the visible signs of ageing. Drinking water rich in hydrogen can help achieve this.

Key to this is shown in studies that drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water “increases the activity of a key detoxifying enzyme in the body, superoxide dismutase, which is central to protecting against free radical damage both in ageing and chronic degenerative disease,” as documented in Water and Society publication.    

3. Fight a Hattrick of Health Conditions

Put simply but scarily, metabolic syndrome is the combination of three diseases that are dangerous on their own but when combined, make for an even deadlier mix: diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), and obesity. This hattrick of health conditions means a much greater risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), such as coronary heart disease and stroke. Introducing molecular hydrogen into the body means it is better equipped to fight the Big Three of metabolic syndrome.

4. Watch Your Weight

Weight Management and Diabetes Alkaline Water and Foods

Studies have shown that drinking hydrogen water from a water ioniser can reduce blood cholesterol and glucose levels and, with long-term consumption, can stimulate energy metabolism. It has also been shown to promote a mild reduction in body mass index (BMI) and waist-to-hip ratio and helps to control fat and body weight without any change in food consumption.

5. Be Like Brady

As already known by the likes of G.O.A.T.s Tom Brady and Beyoncé, the rehydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water lend protection to the body’s tissues, enhance athletic performance, and support faster recovery rates while being more quickly and easily absorbed by the body. Particularly beneficial after exercise or to counter dehydration, hydrogen-rich water reduces high-shear blood viscosity.

6. Down to Detoxify

Hydrogen Water, Alkaline Water HomePure Viva

Regular consumption of hydrogen water from a water ioniser also leads to detoxification and better gastrointestinal health by improving urinary frequency and volume while helping to maintain healthy bowel movements.

HomePure Viva Water Ioniser and Filter

HomePure Viva Alkaline Water

Join the ranks of those in the know with a water ioniser in your home; turn your tap water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water and drink the health benefits!

A sleek and interactive countertop appliance, the HomePure Viva has 11 smart settings to provide 11 different types of filtered, ionised water for all your everyday needs around the home, whether you or your family are drinking, disinfecting, cleaning, washing, or cooking! HomePure Viva offers a convenient and easy-to-use way to get more out of your water.

HomePure Viva has been tested and certified by the Korea Conformity Laboratory, South Korea, for water purification performance and has received TUV certification (CE certification) for electronics appliances.


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