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25 QNET Products and Services That Are Bettering People’s Lives

QNET’s direct selling business opportunity has provided a platform for millions of individuals to attain financial freedom. And one of the main reasons for this and the company’s success over the past 25 years is the quality of our products and services.

Unlike illegal pyramid schemes, which rarely feature the retailing of products and services, QNET is a legitimate award-winning global business and is determined to help people take charge of their lives with our offerings.

This is why every item in our extensive product catalogue has been expertly crafted with customer satisfaction and sustainability in mind. It is also the reason that for a quarter of a century, we have had scores of distributors and customers witness how their everyday lives have been changed thanks to QNET products and services.

So, in conjunction with this, our 25th year, here’s a look at 25 items that are helping improve people’s lives.

Keeping it clean, pure, and healthy

10 Years of HomePure Featured Image

Contaminated water and polluted air can wreak havoc on health, even in the apparent safety of our homes. This is why QNET’s HomePure range is focused on ensuring a clean and safe environment for our families and us via three cutting-edge products — the HomePure Zayn air purifier, HomePure Nova water filtration system, that is designed to provide clean, safe and nourishing Pi-Water for holistic well-being, and HomePure Viva water ioniser, that offers hydrogen-rich alkaline water to meet all your everyday needs.

Compact, robust and scientifically developed following years of research, the devices lead the field in their respective categories. And what’s more, they’ve all been endorsed by highly accredited international quality agencies, thus guaranteeing that when you purchase a HomePure product, you are prioritising health.

Energising your life

Image of amezcua bio disc 3 with a glass of water

The stress of everyday life can be energy-sapping and debilitating. Nevertheless, QNET’s science-backed Amezcua line of wellness products can help rebalance energy levels, revitalise the body, and contribute to a holistically healthier you.

Combining principles of quantum physics and geometry, the Amezcua Bio Disc 3, for instance, can be used to restructure and improve the quality of drinking water, prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and transmute harmful radiation into beneficial energy.

Additionally, there is the Amezcua Bio Light 3, which uses biophoton light therapy to help regulate bodily functions, and the Amezcua Chi Pendant 4, a stunning unisex pendant that, when worn around the neck, can harmonise the body’s natural biofield, increase immunity and ward off stress.

Radiating confidence

Physio Radiance By QNET Featured Image

Unlike many other skincare lines, which are excessively focused on erasing “flaws”, Physio Radiance emphasises healthy ageing and empowerment. This is why every one of the brand’s products has been developed to boost skin wellness as well as confidence.

Indeed, it’s all about nurturing skin naturally and embracing inner beauty, regardless of whether one is cleansing with the Physio Radiance Gentle Foaming Cleanser, prepping with the hydrating Physio Radiance Boosting Essence and deep revitalising with Physio Radiance Repair Eye Cream, Physio Radiance Firming & Lifting Double Serum and/or the complementary Physio Radiance Restoring Day Cream and Physio Radiance Regenerating Night Cream.

To truly glow brighter and more self-assured, incidentally, look no further than the revolutionary Physio Radiance Visage+ and Purifying Gel combination that gets to the heart of the matter with innovative skin therapies.

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Boosting immunity and promoting healthy weight management

Antioxidants can help neutralise free radicals, stabilise blood pressure and protect the body from diseases. Unfortunately, while the body does naturally produce a long list of powerful antioxidants, levels can differ with age.

This is where EDG3 Plus comes in. With its cutting-edge formula containing a potent combination of turmeric extract, vitamin D3, and glutathione precursors, EDG3 Plus provides individuals with a convenient and effective way to replenish and enhance their antioxidant levels. By incorporating EDG3 Plus into your daily routine, you can help your body receive the necessary support to combat oxidative stress, maintain optimal health, and improve overall well-being.

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Incidentally, healthy weight management can boost health and immunity as well as the best antioxidants. This is why many opt to add Belite 123 — a trio of teas that are designed to improve metabolism, curb appetite, and detoxify the body — to their health supplement regimen.

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Learn and grow

qnet qlearn solutions to global health issues

qLearn’s popularity has grown in tandem with a surge in demand for educational programmes that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. But what truly sets QNET’s award-winning e-learning platform apart from all others is that it’s uniquely geared towards entrepreneur development.

From courses that help one kick-start their direct selling careers, like Certified Network Marketer+, which was designed in collaboration with the International Direct Selling Educational Institute (IDSEI), to programmes like SMC Bachelor in Business Administration and Master in Business Administration, qLearn has aided many business owners in their pursuit of growth and knowledge.

qLearn also offers a specially designed Kids’ School Curriculum for Grades 6-12, an innovative curriculum tailored to meet the specific needs of young learners, providing them with a solid foundation in essential subjects while fostering critical thinking and creativity. It’s a great way to get future leaders and innovators to get started on building their entrepreneurial skills!

Kick back and relax


The last thing a holidaymaker needs is to be bogged down by uncertainty, which is where QVI comes in.

The holiday entity of QNET, QVI focuses on helping travellers make unforgettable holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s finding the best accommodations or promoting eco-friendly trips, QVI is dedicated to simplifying travel.

One of QVI’s key products is QVI Club, an exclusive membership that allows one to lock in today’s prices for over 1,000 resorts worldwide. With QVI Club, you can secure future bookings without worrying about rising prices. 

QVI Breaks, meanwhile, is designed for short and quick getaways at over 1,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. You even have the option of splitting your stay into shorter periods. So no matter how busy your schedule is, you can still enjoy a relaxing and memorable short vacation.

The coolest of all QVI’s products is QVI Vacay, which provides access to hundreds of thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide. Upon booking, travellers get to enjoy travel benefits, including redeemable nights, special rates, VIP discounts, coupons and year-end bonus rewards. It’s absolutely worth a try!

A legacy of distinction

Few brands have a history as rich and distinguished as Bernhard H. Mayer. But what truly makes the Swiss marque one of the most prominent names in haute horlogerie is its commitment to a 150-year legacy of excellence.

From the PowerMaster series of watches, which are designed to complement active and success-driven performers, to the exquisitely stunning Mecanique, every one of the brand’s timepieces is hand-crafted in Switzerland to exacting standards, thus ensuring that one never just acquires a Bernhard H. Mayer watch. Instead, owners are assured of luxurious statement pieces that are made to last a lifetime.

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Watches aside, the Bernhard H. Mayer name has also been long associated with elegant jewellery, and it doesn’t get any more dazzling than the Delos Star Set, a white gold and diamond earrings-and-pendant ensemble that can elevate any and every look and outfit.

Better business begins with quality products

At QNET, we have taken pride in our products and services and in helping others for a quarter of a century. And what’s most satisfying is seeing how our strong principles, coupled with high manufacturing standards, have helped improve the lives of so many.


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