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What is QNET?

QNET is a global direct selling company with its headquarters in Hong Kong. We sell a wide range of products in our online store designed to help people to start living!

Our direct-selling business model offers borderless opportunities to everyday people in more than 100 countries who invite their network to purchase great products from QNET’s eStore.

Visit QNET’s global website to learn more.



    what exactly does QNET does?

    do they pay commission for marketing their product?

  2. abderrahim

    i love you qnet i’m amazigh morocco

  3. Muskaan

    Hi ,i still can’t understand what qnet does?can you explain it to me.


    1. Mohammed irfad Khan P P

      You can contact me on +918826403708 or on my WhatsApp number +919495368974

  4. vipin Kumar

    I m The living proof of QNET I love Qnet

  5. sadia khan

    plz send me details on my email id

    1. Anju Lavina

      Hi Sadia, for updates, please subscribe to our QBuzz newsletter. Go to and enter your email address into the subscribe box on the right.

  6. Hassan

    Hi, slmz. How do I re gain my membership please. I was once a member though I didn`t do no business yet.

  7. gaurav

    the qnet global website is not open

    1. Anju Lavina

      Hi Gaurav, it works fine. Are you sure you have the right URL? It is

  8. Soumaila Dabre

    Hola p negocio

  9. rajesh

    hi i want to join , but dont to process can you help me out i am very much intusted to join with this company .

    1. SUNEEL

      hi rajesh,

      can you contact me. i will give the entair details for you how to start this Business.

      Suneel Neela / 09640554775

  10. Cheick Amadou Kone

    Bonjour je viens de démarrer QNET , j’espère avoir des informations complémentaires pouvant me servir à mener ce busness.

  11. Srikant

    Kindly respond to the message in your official page…There is no reply yet..

    1. Anju Lavina

      Hi Srikant, please give us your IR ID and contact details so GSC can get in touch with you asap. Thanks!

  12. Jeevan Ashok Bhosale

    Pleas send mi your pune city office address.

  13. ashutosh

    Pls guide us how to start a call to a new person to join qnet.
    pls tell me what are the key points that a new person gets signup.
    I have joined 4 months till date no achievement is there.

    pls guide.. My upline is not helping me.



  15. salamudin

    i read all your about qnet but i dont know how to earn…its works or not in the market
    can you tell all bussiness plans …and how i earn ….thanx

    1. SUNEEL

      Hi salamudin,

      if you contact me i will give the details to how to start and success in this business.

      SUNEEL NEELA / 09640554775

  16. d.shiva

    i want more busines plans more how can iam work

    1. Anju Lavina

      Hi Shiva, thank you for both your questions. If you still have doubts after that, you can send us a private messagon our Facebook page ( and we will get back to you!

  17. d.shiva

    how can achive this bussines n give daily updates from qnet…..

    1. Anju Lavina

      Hi Shiva. You can get news updates directly in your Virtual Office. These are information relevant to your business. For QBuzz story updates, go to and enter your email address under the “GET QBUZZ UPDATES IN YOUR INBOX” message. Hope this helps!

    2. Shaik Abdul Khader

      Hiiii… ..I’m Khader, Indian IR… Qnet IN508986 You can WhatsApp me on
      +91 7207549536
      My mail I’d is

  18. vijaya

    I Want to learn more about from Qnet….

    1. Anju Lavina

      Hi Vijaya. Thanks for reaching out to us. Most of the information you need is on our website – If you still have questions, please feel free to send us your email address as a private message on our Facebook page (! Hope this helps!

  19. manish

    I want more business plan…Qnet..

    1. Anju Lavina

      Hi Manish. Thanks for your message. You can find more info on our website – If you still have questions, please feel free to send us your email address as a private message on our Facebook page (! Take care!

  20. Gowtham

    I am an IR. I want to learn more about from Qnet.

    1. QNET Staff Anju

      Thanks for your comment, Gowtham. Please visit our website – – for more information. If you still have questions, please send us your email address as a private message on our Facebook page (!

  21. Divya Teja

    I am an IR. i wanna get updates from Qnet.

    1. QNET Staff Anju

      Hi Divya. To get more updates from QBuzz, you can go to our homepage and enter your email address in the box ‘GET QBUZZ UPDATES
      IN YOUR INBOX’ in the extreme right of the page. Hope this helps!

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