How YOU Can Advance to Silver Star Rank With Silver Rush!

In between all the action and frenzy of the Silver Rush incentive, this question has probably crossed your mind: “How exactly can I advance rank as a result of this promo?”

We believe it is important for you to understand how the Silver Rush incentive works because it will help you the most!

Here is an explanation:

A Bronze Star IR who has met the Qualifying Requirements of Silver Star rank will have his/her Title Rank upgraded to Silver Star Rank with a raise in pay-out level to USD225/Step on the corresponding commission week of the qualification (which is 2 weeks after the week the Bronze Star IR achieves the Qualifying Requirements.)


  • Bronze IR A achieved all the Qualifying Requirements of Silver Star Rank in Week 46
  • IR’s Title Rank is upgraded to Silver Star in Week 48
  • IR’s Pay- Rank is upgraded to Silver Star - USD225/Step in Week 48

Be sure to make the most of the Silver Rush incentive before it ends next week on 23 Friday November 2012!

Please feel free to contact your Global Support Centre if you have any questions.

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