QNET Is On The Global 100 Solid Top MLM Companies For 2017 List


We are proud and excited to announce that QNET is now ranking on the Global 100 Solid Top MLM Companies For 2017 list!

The list is curated by Business For Home, an independent online initiative that aims to provide fair, trustworthy, and unbiased information about direct selling, network marketing, and multi-level marketing.

The ranking factors include a robust online presence, active and engaging social media, high-quality products and services, online votes for favourite MLM companies, and several momentum factors including strong leadership and field leaders, an active network of distributors, and global corporate expansions such as new agency office openings and life-changing international conventions.

QNET ticks all of these boxes and more. Being on the list and named with the best of the best is a testament to how hard we have worked to get here. We couldn’t be more proud of how far we’ve come and to share the good news with you, our beloved network. It also fuels us onwards to keep innovating, to keep introducing great products, to keep at our commitment to the #QNETPRO pledge, and to provide the industry with the best IRs one could ever ask for.

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  1. sabitha soman 2 August 2017
  2. Anna 26 July 2017
  3. hocine hadjadj aoul 5 July 2017
  4. hocine hadjadj aoul 5 July 2017
  5. GIRI 16 May 2017
  6. baadi med seghir 14 May 2017
  7. Eleanor Clarina 28 April 2017
  8. Sarbjit Singh 23 April 2017
  9. Devan 21 April 2017
  10. Richie 21 April 2017
  11. Sunil Saini 20 April 2017
  12. Diabate Souleymane 20 April 2017
  13. RAVI BHASKAR 20 April 2017

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