QNET Launches FREE Monthly QNETPRO Trainings At Selected Venues

As part of our ongoing QNETPRO campaign to expand our group of professional network marketers who use integrity as the core value in growing their business, QNET will organise a series of QNETPRO Trainings, focusing on the QNET Policies & Procedures, every month. These training sessions will be FREE for all IRs interested in attending the events.

The training session will delve on the QNET Policies & Procedures, and will run through what it takes to be a professional network marketer and a QNETPRO. These training sessions will be made available to IRs at least twice a month and will be flexible, being arranged through your leaders.

To register, please contact your leaders and uplines, or you can directly register with the designated QNET trainer. QNET will announce the training sessions through your Virtual Office and through WhatsApp. So keep your eyes peeled, don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

To register for training sessions, and to learn about the training schedule, contact the following point persons.


Trainer and Contact Person: Joe Chan

Venue: QNET Hong Kong Representative Office

Tel: +852-22639267

Email: joe.chan@qnet.net

Language: English 


Trainer and Contact Person: Fariz Azizi

Venue: QNET Jakarta Office

Tel: +62-81586724887

Email: fariq.azizi@qnet.net

Language: Bahasa 


Trainers And Contact Persons:   Elvie FC and Shanthini V

Venue: QNET Singapore Office

For registration and training schedule please see below details for our contacts:

Tel: +65-64910898

Email: elvie.felixchia@qnet.net/shanthini.v@qnet.net

Language: English

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