QNET partner Manchester City’s second match of the season against Liverpool in Manchester continued a strong start to the season with a 3-1 win. We’re so pleased for the team here at QNET.

Since it was the first home match of the season at Etihad Stadium, it was also the first match featuring QNET as official direct selling partner. This meant we were seen for the first time on the perimeter LED display and sponsors board during team interviews.

QNET appeared on the LED in the match against Liverpool.
Manuel Pellegrini addresses media ahead of match 2. QNET visible in background

As it happens, the boys have another home game this weekend so that means we’ll see more of QNET supporting from the sidelines on the LEDs.

Man City vs. Stoke City
Saturday, August 30, 22:00 HKST
Etihad Stadium