QNET Managing Director JR Mayer is back from the beautifully planned craziness of V-Malaysia 2014 and cannot be happier with the outcome.

“A sell out crowd from all over the world, many products totally sold out, a breath-taking response to our newest products and thousands of happy IRs creating an atmosphere that was unmatched in all my 20 previous V-Cons,” beams JR.


On the V-Con stage, Chief Pathman and the V Partners described that amazing “click” moment when someone suddenly understands how to truly start living with QNET and take their business to a whole new level!

JR witnessed the “click” resonating with people throughout V-Con.

“There was clicking going on everywhere, if people weren’t talking about clicking they were actually clicking themselves. It was truly magic,” says JR.

A smile for the camera
All systems go!
Making his way to the V-Con stage.

“One of my personal highlights was the announcement of our partnership with Manchester City Football Club and seeing the overwhelming, thumping reaction of everyone in the auditorium. It was particularly amazing the evening of the final game of the EPL when ManCity clearly dominated their opponents, grabbing the English Premier League title – the arena just went nuts!”

Looking forward, JR says that already QNET and the V are busy working on ways to help you REALLY start living, there will be a whole lot more about the Manchester City Partnership in July plus we’ll be amping up again for ReVCon in Dubai during September.