In order to update our systems and bring you our highly anticipated Enhanced Compensation Plan, your Virtual Office and eStore will be temporarily unavailable on Saturday, 22 July 2017, 08:00 – 16:00 HKST. Our Global Customer Support service will be fully operational 24/7 should you require any assistance.

This will be a great turning point in your personal and professional life and we’re extremely excited to present this to you. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Stay tuned, great things are on the way!


As you already know, your QNET Rank Dashboard is getting ready for awesome upgrades. To ensure a smooth transition, the Rank Dashboards will be temporarily inaccessible from 18 July 2017, 11 AM HKST, and will be back soon. 

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We are enhancing the Rank Dashboard a few days before the launch of the Enhanced QNET Compensation Plan. The enhanced plan will take effect on 22 July 2017, a Saturday and the beginning of the new Commission Month.  

In the Enhanced Compensation Plan and we want to:

  • Ensure that all the PRSP and DBV that you have achieved within Week 30 2017 will be carried over to the Enhanced Compensation Plan seamlessly and in the most accurate way.
  • Make sure that ALL your sales transactions for the LAST WEEK in the Q10 Compensation Plan (Week 30 2017) which ends on 21 July 2017 will be complete when we transition to the enhanced plan.

Excited to see how the new rank dashboards can help you move up in the Achievers’ Club ranks? Check your Virtual Office on 26 July 2017!

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What are your eCommerce Tools?

This primarily refers to you Virtual Office where you can find the following eCommerce or business tools: your eStore, the Rank Dashboard, your Qaccount, and everything you need to get your business going.