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V Council Ghada Hamdan is a jet setter and travels the world frequently. In all her adventures, tripsavr is her constant. Get a glimpse into why she loves tripsavr and why she recommends it to everyone who is looking for a globetrotting adventure. 

How long have you been using tripsavr?

I started using tripsavr right when it was launched. I love the idea of an easier and cheaper way to pick my accommodation. And it’s really easy to use. 

Why do you enjoy travelling with tripsavr?

I think the name explains clearly why anyone would enjoy travelling with tripsavr – I can stay at 5-star hotels and resorts, but only pay 3-star prices! 

Do you save money with tripsavr?

Of course, there’s no doubt it! Every time I look for hotels, I find many good options that offer 50% and even 70% discounts. That’s huge savings that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Tell us a memorable experience on one of your trips.

Oh, I have so many great travel experiences with tripsavr!

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In Istanbul, I stayed in an unbelievable hotel with a fantastic view and location. I could see the beautiful Bosphorus Bridge from my room and the Ortaköy sea view from the restaurant downstairs. I paid a fraction of the price for the hotel and got a great deal. I even managed to check in 6 hours earlier than the standard time, which really made my trip so much more convenient.

In Paris, I managed to get a room that directly faced the Eiffel Tower and paid half the price of what was advertised online in other websites. I was the envy of my friends because I paid less for a much better hotel room than they could have.

What do you think is the difference between tripsavr and other online travel agents?

No other online travel agent can even come close to what tripsavr offers! tripsavr shows me the total price when comparing options instead of shocking me with additional taxes at checkout. tripsavr also shows me how much more I could save with larger travel packages, which is very useful to me. I can also sort my search options by highest savings or distance, which saves me a lot of time.

Travelling can be quite a hassle – from confirming hotels to flights to making sure activities and places are booked. Do you have any tips for regular travellers?

I use a good travel agent for my flights so they do all that for me. But for hotel stays, I do it myself through tripsavr. It’s so easy and even my travel agent himself cannot believe the savings I get! 

What inspires your frequent travels with tripsavr?

I travel a lot because of our networking business. tripsavr is a life saver for me because I can choose from practically any hotel in any city. And tripsavr saves me 50% or more, which means I can add in some extra nights for personal activities and fun. The money tripsavr saves me can be used on shopping and tours, which is amazing!

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What is your best savings tip for aspiring travellers?

Travellers need to use tripsavr for the best deals on hotel stays and other activities. The savings on accommodation means you can spend more on fun tours, shopping, and get a great travel experience!

Would you recommend tripsavr to your others such as your downlines, family and friends? 

Definitely, and I already have! Everyone I’ve told about tripsavr can’t believe the savings they can get from the hotels they’ve always wanted to stay at.

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