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Women’s Day: How to Be an Entrepreneurial Wonder Woman

Donna Imson Lecaroz QNET
QNET Chairwoman Donna Imson Lecaroz is the most accomplished woman in QNET and is a staunch supporter of women in business.

The success of a woman empowers an entire nation. Every year on 8 March, we celebrate International Women’s Day by bringing forward the achievements of women through the ages and demanding greater equality.

This year’s theme is MAKE IT HAPPEN. In the action-driven world of network marketing, where more and more women find amazing success yearly, this is a call that rings very true to our hearts. Entrepreneurship is exactly about making things happen and getting things done, so here are some tips from women entrepreneurs for other women entrepreneurs on making it big and going far:

Don’t go into business solely for the money.

Kelley Ramsden, one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs, warns against jumping into business with “big dollars” at the top of your mind and calls this a “misguided and dangerous principle”, because as any seasoned entrepreneur would tell you, money does not begin coming in until well after you’ve poured in plenty of hard work and time into your business.

Don’t pay attention to so-called disadvantages.

A common challenge faced by women entrepreneurs is the fear and stigma that, simply because you’re a woman, you do not have all that it takes to be as successful as the men. Andi Atteberry, owner and CEO of Blingsting, says she has never wasted energy on wondering whether she has different challenges from other entrepreneurs and focuses instead on just being good at what she does, because at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

A successful business relies on establishing successful relationships.

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Donna Imson-Lecaroz, Chairperson of QNET, says we need three things to harness the power of people into a successful business: a networker’s head which gives us the ability to understand our people and their unique strengths, weaknesses and motivations; a networker’s heart which allows us to love and raise ourselves into able leaders so that we may have the capacity to love others and serve them; and a networker’s hand which teaches us to help people by adding value to their gifts and driving them to succeed so that they may be inspired to do the same.

Be a life-long learner and seek inspiration everywhere.

According to Martha Stewart, we must remove the word retire from our vocabulary and always welcome new knowledge and skills in our lives. She tells entrepreneurs to take note of their surroundings—for new talent to bring into your team, new discoveries that would inspire new products, and so much more. Keep moving forward.

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Own your success.

“Never apologise for being successful!” says Sheena Sujan, founder and creative director of her self-titled line of luxury bags. Don’t be afraid of your accomplishments and never chalk them up to luck. Learn to take pride of the skills you possess and the hard work you have given into getting where you are and allow your confidence to further propel you forward.



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