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Code of conduct and Ethics for Suppliers

At QNET, we believe in four core values: Leadership, Sustainability, Service and Integrity. While each plays an integral role in our global business operations, the value of Integrity holds a special place in QNET’s culture and serves to anchor our company in an increasingly complex and demanding world. QNET defines Integrity as setting and observing the highest ethical standards and always doing the right thing. In remaining true to this value, we fulfill a duty of care, not only to our Independent Representatives and customers in the communities we serve, but to our colleagues and ourselves.

QNET upholds these values in its own operations and is committed to working with reputable business partners who demonstrate the same dedication to ethical business standards and practices as QNET does.

To help fulfill this commitment, this Code of Conduct and Ethics for Supplier (hereby referred to as the “Code of Conduct”) was created and applies to any company, its factories, manufacturers, vendors or agents (hereby referred to as “Suppliers”) that produce goods and/or provide services for QNET, its subsidiaries, associates or affiliates thereof.

While QNET recognizes that there are different legal and cultural environments in which Suppliers operate throughout the world, this Code of Conduct sets forth the minimum expectations under which QNET and our worldwide Suppliers are required to operate.

Further, QNET strongly encourages Suppliers to exceed the requirements set forth in this Code of Conduct and to promote best practices and continuous improvement.

1. Laws and Regulations:

Notwithstanding anything herein and to the contrary, Suppliers must operate in full compliance with all compulsory laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

2. Child Labor:

Suppliers must not employ workers younger than the greater of (i) 15 years of age, or 14 where the local law allows such exception consistent with International Labor Organization guidelines, or (ii) the age for completing compulsory education, or (iii) the minimum age established by law in the country of manufacture.In addition, Suppliers must comply with all legal requirements for authorized young workers, particularly those pertaining to hours of work, wages, and working conditions.

3. Forced Labor:

Suppliers will not use forced labor, whether prison, bonded, indentured or otherwise and will not engage in or support trafficking in human beings. Forced overtime is also prohibited.

4. Conditions of Employment and Work:

Suppliers must, as a minimum, comply with local legal standards regarding wages and benefits. If the industry benchmark standards are higher, then QNET will insist that these standards are met. Suppliers shall not rely on part-time, short-term or seasonal workers to pay lower wages and grant fewer benefits and all workers shall be given a written, understandable and legally binding labour contract. Suppliers shall ensure that the working-week is limited to 48 hours and that the workers are entitled to at least one day off per week. Overtime shall be voluntary, infrequent, and must not exceed 12 hours per week. The workers shall be given reasonable breaks while working and sufficient rest periods between shifts. Suppliers shall treat all personnel with dignity and respect and protect its workers from any acts of physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment, abuse or threats in the workplace, whether committed by managers or fellow workers

5. Environment and Safety Issues:

QNET is committed to conducting business in a manner that demonstrates respect for the environment. QNET is taking action to reduce the adverse environmental impacts of its activities, products and services and we expect the same of our Suppliers. Suppliers must have a proactive approach and practice responsible management of its environmental impacts, and comply with all applicable environmental regulations and laws. Supplier must have a written environmental policy appropriate to the size and nature of the Supplier’s operations, which, in its fullest form addresses CO2 emissions, waste, energy, and wood and paper management. Suppliers must have established emergency procedures to effectively prevent and address health emergencies and industrial accidents that can affect the surrounding community or have an adverse impact on the environment. Suppliers shall also demonstrate continuous improvements of their overall environmental performance.

6. Company Products:

When formulating our products, we strive to use ingredients which are in line with our strong environmental policies and are natural, renewable and not harmful to the environment. Suppliers shall practice due diligence when designing, manufacturing and testing products. This is to protect against product defects which could endanger the life, health or safety of people likely to be affected by the products or have an adverse impact on the environment

7. Integrity and Anti-Corruption:

Suppliers must conduct business with honesty and integrity and demonstrate the highest standards of business ethics. Suppliers must not engage in bribery, corruption, or other unethical or illegal practices whether in dealings with government officials (which includes government employees or officers at any level, employees or officers at government-controlled or owned entities, employees or officers of public international organizations, and political officials or candidates or anyone acting on such a person’s behalf), political parties or others, including individuals in the private sector. This includes, directly or indirectly, paying, giving, offering, promising, or authorizing money or anything of value to anyone to seek to obtain an undue or improper advantage. This also includes any unethical business activities or arrangements between Supplier and any QNET, its subsidiaries, associates, affiliates or any other company or individual.

8. Gifts, Meals, Entertainment, and Other Business Courtesies:

QNET employees may exchange gifts, meals, entertainment, and other business courtesies with Suppliers only if they are reasonable, infrequent, and modest in amount, as well as consistent with local law, custom, and practice. In some instances, QNET employees may be subject to monetary limitations on the value of such business courtesies that may be given or received. In all cases, QNET employees must never offer or accept such courtesies under circumstances where they could affect, or appear to affect, decision making. And they must never give or receive cash. Suppliers must respect these restrictions.

9. Conflict of Interest:

QNET employees should act in the best interest of QNET when conducting QNET business. They should have no relationship, financial, or otherwise, with Suppliers that might conflict, or appear to conflict, with their obligation to act in the best interest of QNET. Suppliers should have no financial relationship with any QNET employee with whom the Suppliers may interact as part of their engagement with QNET. Suppliers should take care that any personal relationship with a QNET employee is not used to influence the QNET employee’s business judgment. If the Suppliers has a family or other relationship with a QNET employee that might represent a conflict of interest, the Suppliers should disclose this fact to QNET or ensure that the QNET employee does so.

10. Accuracy of Business Records:

Suppliers will record and report information accurately and honestly and will not hide, fail to record, or make false entries. All books, records and accounts must accurately reflect transactions, payments and events, and conform to generally accepted accounting principles, good internal controls and all applicable laws and regulations.

11. Assets and Information:

Suppliers should protect QNET’s assets and information. Suppliers who have been given access to QNET’s assets, whether tangible or intangible, should use them only within the scope of the permission granted by QNET and for the purposes of the engagement with QNET. Suppliers who have been given access to QNET’s confidential information should not share this information with anyone unless authorized to do so by QNET. If Suppliers believes it has been given access to QNET’s confidential information in error, the Suppliers should immediately notify its contact at QNET and refrain from further distribution of the information. Suppliers should not share with anyone at QNET information related to any other person or organization if the Suppliers is under a contractual or legal obligation not to share the information.

12. Speaking Up:

Suppliers who believe that a QNET employee, or anyone acting on behalf of QNET, has engaged in illegal or improper conduct, should report the matter to QNET. Suppliers can raise the issue with the employee’s manager, or contact Director of Legal Affairs, at [email protected]. Supplier’s relationship with QNET will not be affected by an honest report of potential misconduct.

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