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How Does RSP Work?

What is RSP? 

Aside from the Business Volume (BV) that you will earn from selling or buying QNET products, you also earn Repeat Sales Points (RSP). These points are converted into cash on a weekly basis and you need these to advance and maintain ranks.

How will I earn RSP?

There are three ways.


An active IR earns RSP by:

  • Selling QNET products to Retail Customers
  • From Personal Repeat Purchases of downlines as deep as 10 levels.


An active IR earns RSP by purchasing QNET products for personal and household consumption.


An IR must maintain RSP ranks to earn RSP from the purchases of his/her downlines:

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RSP Ranks

* Until further notice. 

Maintaining your RSP rank not only ensures you that you will never miss a single RSP, the higher rank you achieve or maintain, the more RSP points you get from the purchases of more downlines!

How does RSP work?

Revised RSP Plan

How much RSP will you get? You will get 1,900 RSP— and you are only at the Bronze Star rank in the RSP Plan! Imagine when you achieve the Gold Star rank in the RSP plan, you will get 8 levels in total. What more when you achieve the Platinum Star and Diamond Star rank in the RSP plan?

What can you do with the RSP?

  • All QNET products are not only life-enhancing, they also all carry RSP! Enjoy the products!
  • RSP is converted into cash every week. This earnings are on top of whatever you will earn from the Main Plan.
  • You need RSP to advance and maintain ranks in the RSP Plan.
  • RSP is a critical requirement for Rank Advancement and Maintenance in the Main Plan.

Want to know more about how the RSP Plan works? Login to your Virtual Office now and check out the Q10 Booklet in the Business Tools section.

*Updated on 8/01/2016

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