İstanbul Maraton QNET Turkey

Statistics in Turkey show that there are hundreds of thousands of children in need of protection, especially those who have been abandoned or are without families.

As part of QNET Turkey’s initiatives to give back to society, our lovely bunch of employees participated in the Istanbul Marathon held on 15th November and helped raise funds for the Koruncuk Village, a village founded by the Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (TKMCV).

During the marathon, members of QNET Turkey’s ‘Team Game Changer’ proudly donned QNET t-shirts with the Koruncuk logos to raise awareness and support for the children of Koruncuk village. They also actively promoted the event through word-of-mouth and social media channels, informing the public about how they could donate towards the cause.

Prior to the run, employees of QNET Turkey visited the Koruncuk Village that is home to 128 children and their respective guardians. They dibbled in the village garden alongside the villagers and even shared a meal with the children.  The bonding session made them realise that even a small gesture of kindness can mean a lot to the underprivileged.

İstanbul Maraton QNET Turkey

The Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (TKMCV), was founded in 1979 by a group of volunteers who established villages that provide children with shelter, a proper education and also a place to develop their skillsets in preparation for a better future. TKMCV believes that every child reserves the right to receive compassion, love, shelter, basic necessities and a fulfilling and wholesome education, while being in a healthy environment.

QNET Turkey is so glad for the opportunity to be a part of this charity run, which is in line with our corporate philosophy of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.

Team ‘Game Changer’ – your efforts have truly made a difference to these children and have put a smile on their faces! We are extremely proud of you.