Monday, May 29, 2023

Don’t Be ‘That Guy’ Online – Social Media Faux Pas

Believe it or not, there are certain things you can do online that puts people off from engaging with you. Your social media etiquette determines whether or not people continue to follow you or block you. Since social media is slowly becoming a go-to place to find prospects, it’s better to channel your inner #qnetpro. Remember, don’t be ‘that guy’!

The Ninja

The Ninja is a master at sneak attacks. He will promise you great riches in vague terms, he will avoid using the term network marketing and when it comes to trying to get him to tell you the name of the company, you might as well forget it.

The Over-Sharer

If there’s one thing the over-sharer does with great panache, it is hitting the share button on Facebook. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter (it’s possible he doesn’t read 90% of the posts he shares), if he likes the headline, you can be sure he will reshare it. If there isn’t a post every 20 minutes on his wall, life is incomplete.

The Spammer

Not only does the spammer tag you in every single post of his – be it a photo of him at a random place with random people, or posts he really wants you to like, he also messages you directly every opportunity he gets. The spammer is always in your face about things he loves and doesn’t realise he’s being a nuisance.

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The Sales Slug

With this guy, everything is a sales slug. No matter what topic you bring up on social media, he is likely to cleverly bring in his business. And if you don’t reply, it doesn’t stop him. He’ll pitch his ideas to the other people who are commenting on your posts. No prospect left unturned, as they say.

The Riding A High Horse Guy

This guy rides his high horse with so much style that you’d immediately have an image of him in your head when you read this post. He is condescending to the point he is annoying. He poses everything he does, including his life choices, as superior to yours. He sees it as a way to entice you to be more like him but more often than not, that puts people off from giving direct selling a proper chance.

Seriously, don’t be that guy!

Take the #qnetpro pledge today and vow to clear up the name of direct selling. Are you with us?

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