Friday, October 7, 2022

So, You’re Still Using Your Girlfriend’s Skincare?

Boy, you know you’ve got it coming! You’re a fully fledged adult now and you’re still using your girlfriend’s products in the bathroom?

It’s time you struck out on your own and find some skincare that you can truly call your own.

But why, you whine. Why should men have to use products different to women’s? After all, I like smooth and silky and straight just as much as she does, right?

Actually, there is a very big difference between your skin and hers. After all, you are a man, and she is a woman, and there is something called science which dictates that you guys are not exactly the same. Here are some cold, hard facts you might want to absorb:

  • Male hormones tend to produce more oil than a woman’s due to your testosterone, and this leads to more skin problems than you might expect.
  • If you shave every day, that exfoliates your skin which can lead to dryness. So you’re dealing with moist skin in some parts and super dry skin in others.
  • Lastly, guys tend to spend more time outdoors than the average woman, and that means working up a serious sweat that can cause rashes, acne and other marks on your skin. It also leads to greater exposure to UV rays and, since male skin has a lower antioxidant count than a woman’s, you’re at greater risk of skin damage, ageing and even cancer.

As a man, you lead a lifestyle that women’s skincare products don’t cater to. And you need products that are sensitive to your skin.

DEFY’s uniquely formulated solutions are the answer to your desperate prayers. In just two handy and not-feminine-at-all bottles, you’ll find a DEFY Dirt Fighter (cleanser, exfoliant and shaving cream in one) and a DEFY Youth Tonic (a post-shaving tonic that also helps to control oil levels, fight wrinkles and stress lines). Available in your eStore, each of these especially formulated products are designed to be flexible to your skin’s needs, meaning you’ll get just the right amount of matt and gloss for your face, while also defending against all the battle scars you can get from braving the daily elements.

Give your face the full skincare routine in the time it takes for a shave! Just plug and play (or shave and wash) and walk off as the quietly confident man that you are!

So, voila! With that, you officially have no more excuses, son! Hand your girlfriend her cleanser back now and start defying your own expectations today!

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