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The Do’s and Don’ts of Better Skincare For Men

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From battling acne years past puberty to rolling your eyes and scoffing at the first signs of wrinkles, the skincare for men game is a hard one to win. But come on, son… if you’re running around in the morning, washing your face with a 2-year-old soap bar and sprinting out the door, ask yourself whether cursing your genes is really the way to go about playing the blame game. “But why?” You moan. “Men don’t need all that crap.” Some soap, water, a splash of shampoo, a dash of shaving cream and you’re good to go, right? WRONG!

Proper grooming is and always will be the hallmark of a good-looking man and that means taking decent care of your skin (and by that, I don’t mean stealing your girlfriend’s hard-to-pronounce facial cleansers and creams). Because while your lady’s soft, supple skin is only getting younger, she’s watching wrinkles, blotches and blackheads pile up on your naïve little face. But fret not young man, just simply follow these cardinal do’s and don’ts of better skincare to look and feel better.

DO Lather Up!

This might be a harsh one to hear but soap – and especially a soap bar – is really bad for your skin. Not only does it completely dry your skin out but the scent in most soap bars can actually cause allergic reactions. And water alone won’t do you much better either as your skin is slathered with dry sweat, dirt and pollutants.

What you need is a powerful cleanser that helps slough away dead skin cells, dirt and grime build-up to ensure your pores are not blocked. This is where the DEFY Dirty Fighter comes in. In this one handy package, you’ll find your deep cleanser, exfoliant and shaving cream all in one. Packed with NVIRO-P, the latest in skincare innovation, the DEFY Dirt Fighter is jam-packed with active skincare benefits to leave your skin feeling more youthful, fresh and energised. Essentially, you are getting the skincare benefits of three powerful products while seemingly just having a shave. Could we make it any easier?

DON’T Forget To Moisturise!

Trust me son, sandpaper and crusty skin isn’t up there on the list of women’s turn-ons. Air pollution, weather and genetics can severely dry your skin out and leave it thinner and less elastic, a disadvantage which is heightened over time as your skin loses more collagen, causing wrinkles to form. In order to prevent this process from happening (as well as preventing razor burn), you have to replenish your skin’s moisture immediately after showering.

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The DEFY Youth Tonic has got you covered, a uniquely formulated serum with 3 powerful anti-wrinkle peptides to act as an aftershave while controlling oil, fighting wrinkles and moisturising your skin. The Youth Tonic is a concentrated serum with anti-ageing ingredients that common moisturisers don’t have room for. It controls oils and repairs moisture balance all day long.

DO Shave Smart

90% of the time, your morning consists of turning the door handle to realise you haven’t shaved your face, so you slather on some soap and attack the hair like you have a personal vendetta.  As a result, you run out the door with a nice ol’ rash that burns like hell, often with small pieces of toilet paper glued to your mug from all the nicks you gave yourself in the process. Hmmm… I think it might be time to shave smarter!

Firstly, your choice of razor. A quality razor can be a lifetime item so choose your weapon wisely as your face will thank you for it. Buying a cheap razor, on the other hand, can leave you with nothing but bumps, ingrown hairs and rashes, attributes I’m sure you are all too familiar with. 

Secondly, where to shave? In short, shaving in the shower (or immediately after) is the best time as the hair on your face is much softer from the warm water and steam, and is therefore much easier to remove. And, to maximise your benefits, a moisturising shaving gel is key to providing a barrier between your skin and the blade, so slather on your DEFY Dirt Fighter and shave with the grain, not against it! Rinse with cold water to close the pores, apply DEFY’s Youth Tonic and, just like that, your skin will be as soft as a baby’s bottom.

So there you have it, boys; the do’s and don’ts of better skin care. Not that hard, is it? Follow these simple rules using our especially formulated DEFY Dirt Fighter and DEFY Youth Tonic, available in your eStore, to give your skin the attention it deserves, and put your best face forward.



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