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Managing Your Weight Through The Green Coffee Effect Of Qafé

Qafe Green Coffee Bean Extract

Looking and feeling good plays a huge part of our lives in the 21st century. In a desperate attempt to stay in shape while also indulging in our favourite foods, we are often guilty of resorting to fad-diets and quick-fix diet pills. This becomes not only unsustainable but also leaves us feeling grouchy and miserable.

The green coffee bean extract craze hit the weight loss market to address all of these issues, with celebrities coming out in support of this weight loss technique over all others. Qafé Green Coffee with Nutriose®, QNET’s latest health and wellness product, is an all-natural supplement formulated to help you burn fat and lose extra weight while you are on a break from exercise.

What Are Green Coffee Beans?


The coffee bean is naturally green. What makes the beans take on its more popular form is the process of roasting. Green coffee bean extracts are created using unroasted beans that are soaked and then concentrated.

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How Do Green Coffee Beans Work?

While the roasting of the coffee beans result in the increase of antioxidant levels, a certain natural substance called chlorogenic acid decreases. This acid is said to boost weight loss, suppress appetite, block fat accumulation and curb carb absorption. While green coffee does not taste or smell like your morning cuppa, it has benefits people trying to lose weight are looking for. 

How Do I Use Qafé For Weight Loss?


All you need is two sachets of Qafé a day to see results.

Why is Qafé Better Than Other Green Coffee Bean Extract Products?
  1. Qafé uses only premium Robusta beans of the finest quality for a smooth, refined taste. 
  2. Qafé is carefully researched to contain 53% CGA, the optimum amount of chlorogenic acid needed to reach your ideal shape.
  3. Qafé contains Nutriose®, a prebiotic fibre scientifically proven to add fibre to your diet, and provide an extended energy release.

If you’re looking for a way to get in shape, Qafé is just what you need. What are you waiting for? Pick Qafé up at your eStore now. 

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