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4 Ways To Deal With Hunger Pangs When You’re On A Diet

Isn’t it frustrating when your time-consuming, and painstakingly curated, healthy lifestyle plan is out the window the minute hunger pangs strike? It’s your body’s way of telling you that your energy levels are low, flooding your imagination with pictures of delectable yet sinful treats. Our brain, assuming you are hungry, jolts you with hunger pangs, a message to eat when you don’t really need to. Here’s 4 easy ways to deal with your hunger pangs without having to reach for that packet of crisps or your favourite chocolate bar.

Choose Your Breakfast Carefully

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If you don’t start your day with a good meal, you are likely to reach for junk food as the day progresses. Breakfast is called the king of meals for a reason. Choose your breakfast carefully, picking foods that give you an energy boost and keep you full for longer. Swap your regular coffee for Qafé Green Coffee, available in your eStore, a product that is not only low in calories, but also known to curb your hunger by 71%.

Stay Hydrated


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Water not only hydrates, it also keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Keep a water bottle next to you and take sips when you have hunger pangs. If water is not to your taste, add lemon or fruit slices to your bottle for that extra zing.

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Spice Up Your Meals And Snacks
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Spicing up your meals or snacks is a way to send a ‘I’m full’ message to the brain.  With spicy aromas like ginger, turmeric, curry, chili powder, and cayenne, you are less likely to have hunger pangs.

Eat Protein Rich Food Every Four Hours

Protein acts as an appetite suppressant to help control hunger pangs. Eating two to three ounces of protein triggers a 25 percent spike in energy, increasing fat metabolism 32 percent, and lasting up to four hours. Next time, reach for a couple of almonds instead of potato chips.

To kill the hunger pangs, have a successful diet, and to reach your health goals, get Qafé from your eStore now and effectively reduce calorie intake to manage weight loss better!

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