Home Sports QNET Hong Kong Attends HKFC Rugby 10s Showdown As VIP Guests

QNET Hong Kong Attends HKFC Rugby 10s Showdown As VIP Guests

QNET HKFC Partnership

As a celebration of our longstanding partnership with Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC), QNET Hong Kong was invited to a Rugby 10s tournament, one of the major rugby global tournaments, as VIP guests.

QNET Hong Kong staff and Independent Representatives were treated to pitchside seats where they were able to witness the games live in action. It was a reminder of how teamwork and hard work are important traits of champions. It was also heartening to see HKFC star players wearing jerseys with QNET logos on them, and seeing the QNET brand displayed loud and proud on the field panel banners.

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Here are some highlights of the day out.

QNET branding on the pitchside banner.
QNET Hong Kong IRs displaying the HKFC jersey with the QNET logo on them.
An action shot of one of the Rugby 10s game.
QNET Hong Kong Staff and IRs with the HKFC Staff and Rugby 10s team.
The HKFC stadium at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

QNET has been a proud sponsor of Hong Kong Football Club for over six years, and the partnership has extended to off-field projects as well. HKFC have helped raise funds to help with our CSR efforts at the Mahagandayon Monastery in Myanmar which will help aid the building of new classrooms. We can’t wait to see the next steps in this partnership.



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