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What Your HomePure Nova LED Indicators Are Trying To Tell You

HomePure Nova LED Lights

Your state-of-the-art and must-have water filter HomePure Nova comes fitted with sleek LED indicators that tell you what is going on with the water filter.

You might have noticed the little LED lights on top of your HomePure. The HomePure Nova also has a ‘lifetime mode’, as well as a beep buzzer that can detect both the age and the water volume of the filter cartridge lifespan.  If you’re struggling to figure out what each one of these mean, here is a quick guide.

The first LED indicates the quality of the water flow. If this light is flickering in red, it means there’s an overflow problem. Close the front valve and the adapter valve and then check the filter.

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The third LED is the battery indicator. If this flashes red, it means your battery is low and needs to be charged immediately.

If all three LED lights flicker in red, it means you have an overflow problem, your filter needs to be replaced within a month, and your batteries need to be charged immediately.

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If the first LED flashes blue, it means the quality of your water flow is good, and it has had about 0-9 months of use or has given you 3,740 litres of quality drinking water.

If the first and second LEDs are in blue, it means both your water flow and your filter are in excellent condition. It is also an indication that your filter has been in use for 10-11 months, or for 3,741-4,576 litres.

The second LED tells you about the filter cartridge lifespan. If the first LED flickers blue and the second LED is in red, it means that you need to replace your filter within a month. It is an indicator that your HomePure Nova has been in use for 12 months or 4,577 – 5,000 litres.

If there is beeping when the two LED lights are on, this means your filter needs to be replaced within a week, and your filter has been in use for 11 months and 3 weeks or has given you 4, 863 litres.


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