The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Ethical Entrepreneurship Days event in Cameroon. From left to right: Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou, Minister of SMEs Professor Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, Minister of Youth Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Niger Ibrahim Issifi Sadou, and QNET Cameroon Agent Erik Lindou.

QNET showed its dedication to the QNETPRO pledge yet again by participating in the Ethical Entrepreneurship Days (JEC) event in Cameroon. The massive three-day convention brought together over 2,000 participants who were eager to learn more about the QNET opportunity, and our world—class quality products on display at various booths throughout the exhibition.

VIP guests with their QNET gift bags. From left to right: CEO of Go Ahead Africa Roland Kwemain, Leader of the Powerful Tide V Council Memner Sialou Jean Luc, and US based Businessman Harold Wafo.

The Ethical Entrepreneurship Days is a national event supported by the Cameroonian government, and both public and private sectors. The event was held to encourage entrepreneurship prospects for the public at the grassroots level to effectively combat unemployment and poverty. QNET was among 26 companies and organisations who took part in this joint effort. Various eye-opening activities were available at the event which included workshops, training sessions, success stories sharing sessions, and a large trade fair aimed at showcasing companies’ products and the wealth of opportunities they offer.

Exhibition booths were set up to showcase QNET’s bestsellers, and to allow Cameroonians to experience hands-on the quality products and entrepreneurship opportunities available to them. Banners and flyers were handed over to the enthusiastic attendees who were excited to finally welcomed QNET to Cameroon. The booths drew huge crowds who were eager to try out the showcased products and to find out ways to purchase them.

Keeping up with QNET’s Absolute Living pledge, quality health and wellness products designed to encourage healthy lifestyle and well-being were introduced to members of the public to allow them to experience what it means to Live Absolutely. The wide range of holistic lifestyle products and services adheres to QNET’s principle of making general health and well-being accessible to everyone.

Also in attendance were many distinguished VIPs including the Minister of SME Pr. Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou, General Manager of the Agency of SME Jean Marie Louis Badga, General Manager of BOCOM Recycling Fidèle Nguela, and the CEO of Go Ahead Africa Roland Kwemain.

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