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QNET Sends Kids From Jakarta Rusun to City Football Language School

Image of kids from Jakarta Rusun in QNET Office for Manchester Coaching Clinic

Last weekend was a wonderful weekend full of amazing surprises for Dimas, Gabriel, Maulana and Sobri, kids from Jakarta Rusun (Low-Cost Apartment Housing Complex), Indonesia. They have been selected to join the City Football Language School at Manchester City’s Etihad Campus.

To ensure that the kids are fully equipped for the training, they are given goodie bags full of necessities, including a pair of shiny and new football boots courtesy of our generous QNET family in Indonesia.

So happy with their new kicks!

At the Manchester City Football Language School, the kids will join a total of 60 kids from around the world and team up with players from around the world for two weeks of football training and football focused English language training. They are so ready and so excited to start training and we are as excited as they are!

Ready to go! Manchester, here we come!
The kids happily pack all the goodies they received for the trip to Manchester City Football Language School.
Yes! We’re going to Manchester!

Earlier this month, QNET invited the kids to QNET Jakarta office to officially kick of the preparation of their trip to Manchester. The kids also had a chance to meet Mr. Sidarto Danusubroto, a member of the Advisory Council to the President of Republik Indonesia.

QNET Indonesia’s General Manager Ganang Rindarko reminded the kids to stay fit, especially considering the difference of temperature between Manchester and Jakarta. “Prepare your health and fitness starting from now. You need to be at the fittest when you’re in training. Eat healthy and take some supplements.”

Associate V Partner Rosli Ismail encouraged the kids to speak English. “Be confident, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. English is not your first language, so it is normal for you to make mistakes. Making mistakes is the key to learning a new language. Just keep speaking English and if the person you’re talking to can understand your message, that means you’re off to a wonderful start!”

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Watch their wonderful journey in this video:

QNET—Manchester City Deliver Football Coaching Clinic For Children



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