A QNET Success Story: Achieve Success By Raising Others – An interview with Platinum Star VC Narendra Kriplani.

Before joining QNET, Narendra Kriplani did not truly understand the true meaning of ‘living life to the fullest’. Confined to a 9-5 managerial job in a leading telecommunications company for 8 years, he and his wife lived a routine, average life. They decided to join QNET when his cousin shared the business opportunity with him in 2008.


How was life before and after QNET?

To be very honest, before QNET, I was just existing. I had no realisation of life. With QNET, I started living. I got excited about life. My experiences and learnings as a QNET entrepreneur made me dream again and inspired me to work hard for my dreams.

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What inspired you to achieve the Platinum Star rank?

I believe that achieving the Platinum Star rank is a byproduct, or a well-deserved consequence of focusing on the right things and constantly aiming to help your sales team advance or maintain ranks.

In QNET, I have learned the concept of raising myself with the ultimate goal to help others. This made me focus on the growth of each and every person in my sales team. I empower them and ensure that they have the right knowledge and mindset to go out there, close product sales and let more people see this amazing business opportunity that QNET offers.

Rank advancement, from Sapphire Star and above are results of the hard work and dedication you give to make your sales team successful. Achieving the Group Performance requirement distinguishes one person from the rest because through it, one becomes a leader by practice.


Any daily success habits or routines to share?

First, always remember that small things matter. The things that you chose to do must lead towards giving you the results you aspire for. Don’t lose your focus.

Another thing is practicing silence, calmness. One of the things I have been very thankful for is that through QNET, I got introduced to SOS and I still practice this on a daily basis. It keeps me grounded.

I have also been closely tracking my team’s business progress. I track and plan a lot. I always have a 3-6 months plan and write them down in my planner. This habit keeps me focused.

Lastly, I read a lot of books. I have read over 300 books since I joined QNET- books about spirituality, leadership, meditation, success, etc. Through books, I take wisdom from the authors. This gives me an edge in doing business and in building relationships with people.

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