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From Opposition to Advocacy – An Interview with QNET Platinum Star VC Chiranjeevi Reddy

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Having everything he thought he needed to be ‘settled’ in life, new QNET Platinum Star Chiranjeevi Reddy was very much opposed to the concept of network marketing before he joined the business more than seven years ago. He realised the earning potentials of network marketing when his brother and cousin introduced the business opportunity to him– how he can gain and grow from using and selling world-class and exclusive QNET products. Now, he is a staunch advocate of network marketing, harnessing the life-enhancing benefits of QNET products and tapping on the true income potentials of the business opportunity.

Describe your life before and after QNET?

Before QNET, like most people, my dream was to get myself a job, work for 20 to 25 years to earn enough money to start a small business. To get a high-paying job, I took my master’s degree.

When the QNET products and business opportunity were presented to me, I thought I could not make it in this business but I somehow saw the income potential. I realised the enormous amount of dedication and hard work that I would have to put. I have also gone through a lot of criticism from my family and friends and although I was unsure, my brother and my upline, who was my cousin did not give up on me and I am now here.

I remember my cousin recommended me to watch a series of videos — ‘Eight Building Blocks. It blew my mind. I got very excited and it helped me reach a decision. I will be an entrepreneur and I will make this work.

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What was your greatest motivator or inspiration to hit the Platinum Star rank?

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My upline always pushed me to my limits. He trained me to be a results-oriented person. There’s also the Rank Dashboard. It helped me keep track of my achievements, showing what I still need to achieve along with a deadline.

I also remember the first time I achieved the Sapphire Star rank. It was magical. It did not only help me earn better sales commissions, it also allowed me to go up on the VUAE 2017 stage to receive my Sapphire Star pin from esteemed V Partners and QNET management. These experiences motivated me a lot to achieve more. I am now consistently hitting my Platinum Star requirements and working towards becoming a Diamond Star, not only for myself but also to ensure that every individual in my sales team will grow in the business.

What are your success habits? What daily routines can share with others so they can also create an environment of success?

I start each day by making a “to-do-list. I set goals and targets and put deadlines on them. I also work closely with my core leaders and ensure that I make daily business presentations, aiming to guide people who are just starting in the business by sharing my personal stories of hard work and success.

At the end of the day, I check my ‘to-do-list’ and ask myself what I could have done better today so I can start my next day with the goal and mindset to do things better than I did yesterday.

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