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Skincare for Men – How Real Men Take Care Of Their Skin

Being a hot mess isn’t cool anymore. Gone are the days where men expected to be taken care of by the women in their lives. A real man knows how to take care of himself, and it starts with the right skincare.

Men have tough skin – but it won’t last forever

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female – skin thins with age and from frequent exposure to UV rays and other elements. Thinning skin also means there is a higher likelihood for wrinkles to make their way to the surface, and that’s not always a hit. The most tried and tested method to keep your skin looking younger for longer, is to make sure that it is well-taken care of, now who doesn’t want that?

Skincare for men is easier than you think

Men don’t need twelve steps and tons of product to have great skin — though there’s nothing wrong with the extra effort.

Skincare for men can be a simple three-step routine:

  1. Wash
  2. Tone
  3. Moisturise

VIDEO: Introducing DEFY – Men’s Skincare Solution.

Keep that handsome face clean

Everyone knows that a good facial wash helps, but here’s one hot expert tip: use lukewarm or room temperature water instead of hot water. Hot water doesn’t only pose the danger of scalding the skin, it can strip it of natural oils that keep it healthy and moisturised.

It is also recommended for men to wash their face twice a day every day. For even better effects, wash after strenuous activity, as dirt and dried sweat can clog pores and causes pimples, blackheads, and other blemishes.

defy skincare for men

One facial wash that can get them cleaned up after a workout is The Defy Dirty Fighter facial cleanser. Defy Dirty Fighter packs a punch with NVIRO-P that cleans and protects the skin. It can even be used as a substitute for shaving cream.

Tone then moisturise

Toner, sometimes also called tonic, can balance your skin. For men with skin on the oily side, this is essential to keep a fresh look through the day, and prevent pimples. After washing your face, apply the toner toner by soaking a piece of cotton with it and massaging it into your skin. Fact: toner doesn’t have to be washed off. It can be absorbed by the skin right before putting on a moisturizer.

They say that the toner is the difference between good skin and great skin. With the right toner,  your skin could have that healthy, handsome glow.

Try this: Defy Youth Tonic, made with TRI-GENICS; a unique blend of peptides that reduce wrinkles and keep skin elastic. Works best after washing with Defy Dirty Fighter.

Real men make an effort to look good. So, take care, handsome.

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