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Soon, You Can Get Certified as A QNET Direct Selling Professional through QNETPRO Training and Certification Programme

QNET’s most celebrated sales leaders, the V Ambassadors participated in the first QNETPRO Training and Certification programme at the recently concluded ICE Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The QNETPRO Training and Certification Programme is QNET’s initiative to actively raise awareness and remind all Independent Representatives about the importance of practicing professional Direct Selling business behaviours at all times. The campaign aims to share the rules that are set in the QNET Policies and Procedures in bite-sized information for emphasis and to allow better understanding.

The V Ambassadors swear by QNETPRO, or professional and ethical direct selling practices as the only way to conduct business in QNET.  As the role models for their sales teams, they have emptied their cups and allowed themselves to be reminded of the principles of QNETPRO by participating in the training and taking the exam.

qnetpro training certification programme malou caluza qnet

QNET’s Chief of Network Success, Ms Malou Caluza kicked off the session by reliving the qualities that have been instilled to QNET direct selling professionals by QNET Founders. She explained how at QNET, we continue to instil these qualities to each and every person whose life we touch today.  Our Founder’s genuine desire to completely take charge of their lives and destiny to empower others to do the same is now a conviction that we all practice. It has become a legacy that we so proudly share. We now call this legacy QNETPRO.

The programme started with a training presentation that highlights important parts of the QNET Policies and Procedures through easy-to-understand scenarios and terminologies. After the training, exam papers with 20 questions were distributed amongst the participants for them to answer.

qnetpro training certification programme ice summit leaders

We were pleased to see how excited and passionate the participants were about getting certified as QNET Direct Selling professionals. Everyone was eager to take the exam and prove that they are all true QNETPROs. As expected, they all passed and received their certificates!

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V Partner David Sharma concluded the session by sharing the importance of practicing professional business practices at all times. He stressed out how IRs should always reach out to the public in the most honest ways because what goes around, comes around. People need more than just one-time customers. They need people who will have long-term business relationships with them.

qnetpro training certification programme qnet IRs 1
What does the term “QNET Independent Representative” really mean?
qnetpro training certification programme what not to say
Things QNET Direct Selling Professionals should NOT say.
qnetpro training certification programme qnet prospecting
Prospecting – the right way.

Excited to be certified as a QNET Direct Selling professional? The QNETPRO Training and Certification programme will be available in your Virtual Office very soon. Stay tuned!

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    Infact, this business is à wonderful one.
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