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A Natural Testosterone Booster A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Fertility, muscle mass, fat distribution, red blood cell production, sex drive – these are the processes regulated by testosterone. The big T, the male hormone, there to save the day for all men worldwide. His nemesis? Cortisol, gentlemen – the stress hormone.

Having a constantly busy lifestyle, in which tight deadlines at work must be met while dealing with unhealthy interactions, is a routine associated with chronic stress – a major contributing factor to decreasing testosterone levels.

High C = Low T

Epidemiological studies have found that the higher your testosterone levels, the better your mood and well-being become overall. Chronic stress, on the other hand, causes your body to produce too much cortisol; the building blocks used in this process are the very same building blocks used to produce the hormone testosterone. Therefore, for most people with long-lasting stress symptoms, their testosterone production is significantly reduced.

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Natural Testosterone Booster

Get Those Levels Checked

When testosterone levels drop to below normal, one may see significant changes, including weight gain and a decrease in strength and vitality. Sex drive is also affected, which leads to having difficulty to get in the mood for sexual activity.

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Don’t be like those who go for the quick-fix – research shows that most men’s vitality products in the market are contaminated with heavy-metal or other harmful substances such as yohimbe and sildenafil. You get quick ‘results’, giving your that boost you thought you wanted. These effects, however, are not lasting and comes with dangerous side effects.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) can help restore some functions, but not mental sharpness. The overall benefits and drawbacks are for now unclear for men aged below 65, but side effects include acne and increased red blood cell count. Prohormones, a variety of steroid, increases testosterone but oestrogen at the same time. They can also cause an imbalance in blood cholesterol, making them a poor choice.

All of this is unwanted to say the least; after getting yourself tested, regardless of your results, a healthy lifestyle is imperative to keep your manhood optimal. Your testosterone levels naturally decrease with age – so get up and combat it as soon as possible!

Boost It Up – The Right Way
Considering the mentioned undesired effects of poor testosterone-boosting choices, QNET goes extra mile to obtain 3rd party lab validation to ensure no harmful substances find their way in our product, Q Alive. This plant-based supplement has undergone strict manufacturing practices to ensure quality ingredients are used for real, and lasting, health benefits.

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In short, gentlemen: exercise regularly, reduce exposure to a stressful environment, eat healthy.

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