Avengers (and QNET) fans, you’ve probably watched the Avengers: Endgame. Except if you have been busy building your QNET business, then you probably haven’t. If you haven’t watched it, but you were planning to – consider this your SPOILER ALERT.

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For those who aren’t familiar with the Avengers, Avengers: Endgame is an American superhero movie based on the Marvel comics superhero team the Avengers.

The movie is one of the most anticipated movie this year and arguably the biggest one in 2019. We are literally risking our lives by writing this spoiler, but we thought of you throughout the movie and we are far too excited not to share our key takeaways with you, our QNET family.

Here are the 5 key takeaways for networkers from the Avengers Endgame. We’d love to hear it from you too. Do share your key takeaways too in the comment section.

  1. It’s impossible until it’s done

Remember when the Ant Man, the Black Widow and Captain America went to see Tony Stark and pitched the idea of a time machine – the key to how the catastrophe caused by Thanos would be undone? Tony’s initial reaction was to dismiss the idea, laying out reasons after reasons why it wouldn’t work. But, even if he first thought that it’s not possible, he still kept his mind open. He gave the idea a lot of thoughts, and finally, the impossible became possible.

The same goes with QNET business. When your leaders presented you with ideas and possibilities, even if you thought it’s impossible, think about it. Think about how it could work instead of focusing on how it wouldn’t work. Create a plan and stick to it. Don’t give up. You might end up saving the world – maybe not from Thanos, but from lack of opportunity and unhealthy lifestyle.

  1. Failure is part of the process – respect the journey

That moment when Ant Man came back as a baby, then as a 12-year-old, and as an old man – before they got it right and he’s back as the “correct” Ant Man? There will be many failures before success is achieved. Trust the process, respect the journey, keep trying and you will get there.

As a networker, facing many many rejections, being mocked, being laughed at or even being unfriended is part of the process. Hang in there, think about your why, keep going, trust your leaders, follow their guidance and never give up.

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  1. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork

In the endgame, the stakes are higher than ever. Look at the size of Thanos’ army! Ironman, Captain America, or Captain Marvel couldn’t possibly save the world alone. They needed Doctor Strange to open the portal and gather all the Avengers to complete the mission. Have each other’s back, help each other out, lift each other higher. You can’t do it alone.

The QNET business relies on teamwork. Helping others succeed is your key to success. Train your team well; equip your team with as much knowledge and skills as possible. Attend as many training as you can together. Work together, motivate each other, and succeed together.

  1. Delusional optimism is necessary for one’s success.

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Always try to be that person who will say that ‘this is going to work, everything is going to be fine, and together we can make it happen.’ Remember that moment when Captain America said, “This is the fight of our lives and we’re gonna win.” – others thought he was delusional, but hey, it worked out in the end. There is no point going into a battle already expecting to lose. Believe that you’re going to win, and you’re half way there.

  1. Even a superhero needs to take good care of themselves, or else…

On a lighter note.. who would have thought that the almighty Thor – the super fit and muscular Thor could end up overweight?! He should really take Qafe regularly along with a healthy diet and exercise. This is why living life absolutely is more important than ever. No exceptions for superheroes.

You are the product of the product. You can’t sell wellness products if you don’t live by them. Be a testimony of your products. No matter how busy you are, keep yourself healthy and fit. Maintain a balanced diet and schedule regular workout sessions. That’s going to change the way you run your business too!

Which are your favourite moments from the Avengers: Endgame and what are your key learnings? Share with us in comment space below.

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