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BUSTED! The 5 Biggest Men’s Skincare Myths

Bet you’re guilty of believing in these men’s skincare myths. And no wonder – when you’re out to be the bigger man, everyone has something to say. Where does one start when you’re out to be a better man with better skin? The truth, with actual researched facts. Better defy the myths now than wait till you’re old and wrinkled.

Let’s bust these men’s skincare myths.

1. The more you slather on, the better.

One hard NO. Whether it’s creams, tonics, or facial wash, putting on more than what the label says doesn’t make it work faster. Scrubbing too much gets rid of the oils your skin needs to moisturise naturally. Too much cream on the other hand, puts on a greasy look that doesn’t look cool on anyone. Use products as instructed and use them regularly. Nobody likes a man who overcompensates.

2. Oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser.

Not true. We know that you’re a man looking to shine – but not from the face. When oily skin isn’t moisturised it ends up producing more oil, which dirt will stick to. Moisturiser protects the skin from free radicals and other gunk that makes the skin rough. It will also make your youthful looks last longer. One way to keep your skin moisturised is through a skin tonic such as DEFY Youth Tonic, powered by TRI-GENICS that soothes skin and keeps wrinkles away.

3. You only need sunblock on a sunny day.

Hell, no. It’s basic science, bro. For as long as the sun burns, there will be UV rays coming through, day or night. Even on a cloudy day, UV rays will still be at their strongest between 11am to 3pm every day because of the position of the sun. Here’s a hot tip: reapply sunscreen every few hours, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type.

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4. Really scrub in that exfoliate.

Nope! Scrub too hard and you’ll end up scarring the skin, which only looks good if you have a kick-butt backstory to it. You’re after making skin look and feel even, so treat it gently. Scrub just enough to loosen up and get rid of the dirt that gets into your pores. Also remember that you only need to exfoliate twice or thrice a week. Any more than that will dry your skin and may lead to wrinkles much sooner than you’d like.

5. Turn it up when you wash.

Everything in moderation, man. Steam does open up the pores to get more stubborn dirt out, but there’s no need to turn your face lobster red for it. If anything, real skin experts stress that lukewarm water is more ideal for washing. Extreme temperatures, cold or hot, upset skin chemistry and may cause dryness, acne, or other kinds of blemishes.

image of men skincare defy qnetLooking to start with a truly good-looking skin regimen? You can start with DEFY‘s line of products, made with micronised structured water that clears up skin and keeps it cool.

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