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Real Talk with Real QNET Dads

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It’s not every day that we get to pay homage to the man who goes by many names – appa, dad, ayah, pop, pappa, daddy, vater, baba. He constantly works behind the scenes, working tirelessly and making sacrifices so that our future is strong and secure. He plays the role of a friend, a pillar of strength, and a craftsman who moulds us into the strong human beings we are today.

This Father’s Day, our QNET Dads reflect on what it is to be a father to their children.

“Being a father is a lot like building a network. You have to set an example and walk the talk. If you want your kids or your network to do well and be productive, you have to do it first, and they will mirror it. Live your passion for success, and let your children and network be inspired by your life.”

– Associate V Partner Gita ‘Tobing’ Hartanto

“Every child looks up to their father as a superhero. To me, it’s a beautiful opportunity to give my son the most incredible gift – my belief in him. My son’s superhero expectations of me brings out the best in me and inspires me to give my best to him. Nothing is more fulfilling than bringing a smile to my son’s face. That is the least I can give him. Thankfully, this is now possible thanks to my networking journey in QNET. On this International Father’s Day, I have two messages to all the proud fathers out there: 1. Give your 100% so that you can give nothing but the best to your child and 2. Believe in them.”

– Associate V Partner Neeraj Raghunand

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“From my experience as a father and as a networker, I work first and foremost to achieve my dream of securing my family’s future. I want to give my two sons and two daughters the best education and the best life has to offer. I believe that my life is the best teacher for my children. The way I want my children to be, I have to be like that myself. So I have to be a father who is very focussed, a man who spends time at work building a network and a man who spends quality time with my children. I am where I am today because I got an idea of what hard work really is from my dad. I believe that the best thing we can give our children is to set an example for them, an example of someone who is hardworking so that they can use it when they want to be successful.”

– Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral

“When I was still busy building my network, I worked late nights and was unable to attend some of my children’s school events, and I even missed some special occasions such as birthdays. When that happened, I always made it a point to communicate with them. I made them understand that what I was doing was for our future, especially their future. I made them understand that once I properly built my network, this little sacrifice would pay off. I assured them that then I would always be free to be with them not only on their birthdays but even just ordinary days. That’s exactly what I get to do now.”

– Associate V Partner Willie Martinez, Blue Diamond Star

“For all those who are fathers today, your responsibility is great and you must be aware of it.  God has predicted that what you sow today is the joy and the future of your children. Today is a chance to be a networker and be a father.  Your self-sacrifice and focus should enable your family to live a better life than others who work in traditional businesses. Tomorrow when your children and grandchild ask you how you managed to give them the amazing life that they are currently living, you will be able to answer them with pride. So let us be exemplary fathers in our vision for work and in the love we display.”

– Associate V Partner Kone Doupin

“A great father should be a positive example for his children. He should give his children the freedom to be able to be the best that they can be. Let them discover what they’re best at, give them the best education, and let them reach their dreams. If you are a networker dad, and not sure how to balance your busy networking and family life, this is my advice for you. When your children grow up and they are up for it, build a strong business together as a family.”

– V Council Member Kariana

Today, we get to raise a toast to all the dads in our community because anyone can father a child, but being a dad takes a lifetime.

Happy Father’s Day to our QNET Dads!



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