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Micro-Credentials: The Future of Lifelong Learning

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It’s happening. The future of education is here. With the Digital Age ushering in an era of endless opportunities, the education space has kept pace with by introducing micro-credentials. They are a way for you to enhance your professional skills through online courses without having to invest the time or money in a university degree. This way, you get to benefit from learning very specific skills, rather than the traditional three-five year approach. You can now obtain almost any qualification online, where you can now find courses that cater to a diverse range of needs of both individuals and the industry.


Let’s wind the clock back a few hundred years because that’s how old universities are. By the 18th century, there were less than 150 universities in all of Europe. The worldwide count was no better, making going to universities a privilege not everyone could afford. Going to university and earning a degree, therefore, elevated you in society. This mentality is what drove the world, until now.


Whereas a bachelor’s degree was the pinnacle of educational achievement in the past, it is now seen as just basic. People with micro-credentials stand out in a crowd because it shows their commitment to lifelong learning, which, thanks to the internet, has never been more practical.

Now more than ever, people are taking courses and getting certifications through the internet. You can now obtain your credentials, for your specific type of work, without having to compromise to fees other than the tuition itself. As Peter Greene puts it, think of micro-credentials as official badges for specific skills that are part of your digital file.

The whole point of earning micro-credentials is to tighten the skill gap one might have from a broader education space. Even global tech companies, like IBM and Amazon, are now offering digital apprenticeship programmes.


qLearn is QNET’s very own online educational platform specially curated with you, our IRs, in mind. Our most popular course is the Certified Network Marketer+ course by the International Direct Selling Educational Institute, but qLearn’s range of courses also include Management, IT, Presentation and Writing. Every course is designed to give you skills that are directly applicable in your life and in building your business.

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Log in, choose which topic best suits your interests, and get yourself a new digital badge! All courses are available in English, with several in Arabic, French and Russian. Aside from the obvious benefits of learning at one’s own pace and from anywhere one chooses (as long as there’s internet), what it does is prepare you for an industry-specific need.

qLearn is also available as an app (Google| Apple), so not only can you do your business from anywhere in the world, you can also access our learning tools anytime to add to your repertoire.

At QNET, we believe in lifelong learning. Direct selling requires specific skills and qLearn has the educational tools to help. Sharpen your skills and be on top of your game. Let’s get to it!


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