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Associate V Partner Tri Hartono Shares His Guide To QNET Success

From a small village in East Java in Indonesia, Associate V Partner Tri Hartono had a hard life before QNET. He tried his hand at all sorts of jobs including being a catfish farmer and a street food vendor. Every day was a struggle to make ends meet. In those days, his struggles were so intense that he didn’t even think it was possible to have a dream because he didn’t think there was a way to see it come true. But that all changed when his little brother, Associate V Partner Gita ‘Tobing’ Hartanto, introduced him to QNET. The rest, as they say, is history!

When did you first learn about Direct Selling, and specifically about QNET?

In 2003, my younger brother Tobing introduced me to QNET. At first, I did not believe in QNET. I thought that direct selling was a fraud because he joined QNET to make enough money to help with our livestock business, and I couldn’t see any immediate results. All that changed when I attended my first QNET business presentation. My mind was opened and I learned how direct selling works. Most importantly, I learned how to dream! I really wanted to change my life. I was sick and tired of being poor. At that time, I wanted to join QNET so badly, but I didn’t even have enough resources to register with QNET. After trying many different ways to get what I need, in the end, a neighbour helped me and I managed to join QNET.

Tell us about your journey of success in QNET

After I joined, I began selling products to grow my network. I received so many rejections. People around me, including people whom I respected, kept telling me that one-day QNET would collapse, and I would face legal problems if I failed my network. But I didn’t care. I kept working on building my business, I kept on building my team, doing my presentations and introducing new Independent Representatives to the QNET Opportunity. My network started to grow steadily, and so did my confidence. I could present the business with confidence and I had better results. I started with nothing. I’ve grown from not having a dream to seeing my dreams coming true. Now, I can have anything I want — from material things like luxury cars and beautiful mansions to providing my family with the best out of life. I am living the life of my dreams.

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Now, I have a network that spreads throughout Indonesia. My networks and partners began to duplicate my work method by holding routine presentations using building facilities that we built ourselves in every region of Indonesia. We kept building more business centres to make QNET more accessible to all. I enjoy travelling from city to city with my team. We hold regular trainings to teach our sales team how to use QNET products and how to run the QNET business. My sales team and I swear by QNET health and wellness products. We use the products every day and we thoroughly enjoy the benefits.

What makes your team of #QNETPROs so strong and successful?

Working together with the team is one of the key factors in our success in this business. Close and constant communication is essential in building a strong team. Our team uses WhatsApp and various social media platforms to facilitate team communication. Whenever I conduct training sessions or event and conferences in different regions all over Indonesia or even outside the country, I receive support from my mentors and the V. I am so grateful for their never-ending support.

We hold regular training sessions and we recognise and reward outstanding business partners for their great work. We make sure that their dreams come true. Those who succeed will stay passionate, motivated, and confident. They will duplicate their success, pay it forward, and keep working with the team.

What is the next milestone you want to achieve in QNET?

Being recognised as a QNET Achiever on V-Conference stage along with other leaders from all over the world was the ultimate reward. Now, I aim to be a Blue Diamond Star, and I will build achievers in my team. It is Amoeba Team’s vision to create a million leaders in a thousand cities. I will make sure that in five years, I will conquer the world and where there are people, Amoeba will grow and prosper. I wish Amoeba to be the biggest team in the world in the next 5 years.

Do you have any advice or tips for success for young entrepreneurs?

I live by the principle that I have to do more than others. When others are asleep, I have to be awake. When people just wake up, I have to be standing, ready to go. When people start standing up, we ought to be moving. We only have once chance. Today is the day. Some people suffer from the disease of “tomorrow” – a disease of persistent procrastination. They will always wait for tomorrow. But, what if there is no tomorrow?

To stop procrastination, our team swears by consistent presentations and trainings. To overcome burn-outs, we often arrange gatherings and little breaks with QNET family. Our breaks often involve training sessions too. We learn, grow and have fun together.

Seize this opportunity when you’re young. When the opportunity arises, don’t waste it. Seize it. The earlier, the better. When you join QNET, give it all you got. Work hard. I am so glad to see so many successful young direct sellers in my team. They achieve their dreams in their youth. What’s more wonderful than that?

Associate V Partner Tri Hartono is truly inspirational and we are honoured to have his success story recorded for whenever we need that extra bit of motivation. What stands out to you in this interview? What lessons of success have you learnt from Associate V Partner Tri Hartono? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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