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5 Leadership Lessons From Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Leadership Lessons From Star Wars

As the ninth and final movie of the Star Wars saga released this holiday season, we couldn’t help but reminisce all the leadership lessons from Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. Here are some spoiler-free lessons we can adopt in our day-to-day life as a direct seller.

1. Even The Very Best Never Stop Training

No matter how much of an expert Rey, Poe, and Finn are, they never stop practising their skills. Rey starts the movie off by going through an extensive Jedi training session, and when we see Poe and Finn, their skills have massively improved since the first movie we saw them in. This is a lesson to us as direct sellers that no matter how far we go in our network marketing journey, we need to keep practising and even learning new skills.

2. Be Ready To Lead By Example

“Good people will fight if we lead them.”

– Poe Dameron

Of all the lessons from the Star Wars saga, this one has been prevalent through all of the nine movies. The whole galaxy followed their leader Princess Leia Organa, even if it seemed hopeless many times. In the Rise of Skywalker, it was no different. We learnt that when you become a role model who never gives up and perseveres no matter what, people are willing to follow your example to wherever you lead them.

3. Leaders Play To The Strengths Of Their Team

As a leader in training, Poe was always aware of his teammates and their strengths. What he excelled at was finding the right role for each member of his team based on their abilities. Direct selling requires much the same talent. It requires you understanding when another member of your team can do better at a certain role, and giving them the opportunity. It also means stepping in when your skills suit the task better.

4. Learn From Those Who Come Before You

 “We’ve passed on all we know. A thousand generations live in you now.”

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– Luke Skywalker

As Poe trains to beat the forces of the First Order and Kylo Ren, and their evil rule over the galaxy, she is riddled with self-doubt and fear. Instead of giving up, she seeks advice from her master Luke Skywalker. In QNET, our uplines are always there to mentor us, listen to us, and give us advice whenever we need it. They’ve been through struggles so that we don’t have to go through the same troubles. Seek their help, and every lesson they learnt becomes your strength.

5. Nothing Beats Team Power


There are no successes without a team. And a team who are as close as a family can achieve all sorts of unbelievable things simply by supporting each other and setting their minds to it. In this movie, the young team seeks the advice of Lando Calrissian, a hero who fought the original war with Darth Vader. They asked him how they succeeded. He said, “We had each other.  That’s how we win.” Whatever obstacles you face in your journey, whatever goals you want to accomplish, rely on your team, and have each other’s backs. Success upon success is yours for the taking when you do.

What were your favourite scenes in the latest movie? What lessons from Star Wars did you pick up while watching The Rise Of Skywalker? Let us know in the comments.


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