Friday, June 9, 2023

The Benefits of E-Learning For Direct Sellers

If you’ve clicked this, you must be weighing the benefits of e-learning. Maybe you want to go for another degree or finish the one you started on. It’s daunting and it takes a leap of faith but as technology and the internet develop, there are ways to continue or enrich your studies.

There Is Still Value In A Higher Education Degree

Even with those “rock star” start-up stories, you up your chances of success when you finish college or an equivalent of a college degree! Look at what the studies say:

  • A 2016 USAID study found that individual earnings increase by 10% for each year of school completed.
  • Across the board, higher and further education programs have often been credited as key to leadership development. It’s why they’re so sought after in any job market.
  • Higher education degrees and short course certifications have been significant in attaining long-term job security.

See The Benefits Of E-Learning With qLearn

School is no longer just a building with rooms of desks, a board, and a teacher in front. As technology develops, so do the materials. A major benefit of e-learning is that it can be done anywhere. You can learn from the comfort of your home, on the road, and even your favourite café. Best of all, it can be done in your own time, making a more pleasant and exciting experience than traditional learning.

qLearn’s e-learning courses have a variety of eye-catching and interactive resources. These materials provide the skills and business acumen to achieve goals in one’s career and in life. You will feel and enjoy the benefits of e-learning as all you need to access these resources is a steady internet connection, a computer or laptop, or even a smartphone.

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As students are no longer required to report to a formal classroom, qLearn’s programs can easily accommodate students studying part-time, or who are returning to seriously study. And what better way to make up for time lost, but to join a platform that’s built for the future in mind.

qLearn Courses You Might Benefit From

The Certified Network Marketer+ (CNM+) course.

Brush up on your direct selling basics, improve your marketing, and learn how to make a sustainable business. Upon completion of the programme, you are awarded a certificate from the International Direct Selling Educational Institute (IDSEI).


Our QNETPRO certification programme empowers a global network of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to become exemplary professionals. It is a movement that implements our core values of leadership, integrity, service and sustainability. The programme teaches professional conduct in direct selling while emphasising ethical business practices, training QNET distributors so that they may adequately represent themselves not just as direct selling practitioners, but as industry leaders setting the standard for future generations.

There are many benefits to e-learning, but the best one is in how to lives true to its promise that it is never too late to learn. Learn and grow wherever you are. Sign up for a course at qLearn.

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