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The Similarities Between Direct Selling And Football

Direct Selling And Football

You may think that sport and business don’t mix, but the similarities between direct selling and football are striking. It’s no wonder that QNET and Manchester City are such close partners, and work so smoothly together. It’s because the principles and strategy that goes into a riveting football match are the same traits we require in direct selling. Here are all the ways in which direct selling and football are the same.

Rules And Objectives

Like with football where the rules of the games are set, and there’s a governing body vetting all processes, direct selling has very clear rules. QNET is registered with the Direct Selling Association and constantly meets its requirements. There is a clear idea of where QNET is headed as a direct selling company, how success is to be measured, and what the rules of engagement are. We have strict Policies and Procedures, and Code of Ethics, and repercussions if not followed.  These are to ensure that our IRs can have sustainable success for generations, and that they can be proud to be a direct seller with QNET. Our rules and objectives are in place so that our IRs can feel empowered, and become outcome-driven, allowing them to find deep satisfaction in the work they do.

The Playbook

A football playbook is filled with strategies, moves, steps to get better at the game. Each QNET team comes with a similar unwritten playbook that enables everyone to keep their eye on the ball. Uplines and teams work together to emphasize regular meetings, refocusing on goals, catching up with strengths and weaknesses so that everyone is on the same page. Even things like ensuring the team shares their knowledge with each other, pushing each other to be their best resonates strongly with football.

Team Work

We’ve seen what happens when an over-zealous striker decides to take matters into their own hands by dribbling away towards the goal by himself. It almost always ends in disaster and embarrassment. Likewise, with direct selling, trying to go solo and be the ‘saviour’ will not work as well as working together as a team will. In direct selling and football, it’s important to remember that you can’t do it all on your own. You need a team. There’s a reason everyone says ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.


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Good Leaders who lead by example are the cornerstone of success in both direct selling and football. Not only do uplines contribute towards the overall success of the team, but they also guide and motivate their team towards success. This also means picking the right person for the right job, fostering open communication, and creating a comfortable atmosphere so they can approach you no matter what. Without these, we guarantee your discordance will show on the field.


Footballers never stop practising, even if their game is for 90 minutes once a week. Most teams will spend every single day in the field practising for one single game. In direct selling, every presentation is a practice session where you get to hone your message, iron out your mistakes, and get a fresh start. And many teams debrief after a presentation or game, just to go over what went well and what could go better.


Football doesn’t just happen on the field. There’s a lot that happens in the background. Good football management includes negotiating transfers of players, and investments in the right players. In direct selling, this translates to investing in resources that take your team to the top of the league. This means being open to new ideas, innovation, and even negotiation skills.

Rewards And Recognition

There are all sorts of rewards in football – player of the month, golden boot, golden glove, you name it. In QNET as in football, we go out of our way to recognise the hard work and resilience of our direct sellers with the Achievers’ Club. We have a well laid out ranking and reward system that is up for the taking of all our players. Research has shown that in direct selling and in football, having a reward and being recognised boosts the morale of the team, and has a positive impact on the game.

Whether you are a football fan or a fan of QNET, you can now use these similarities to work together as a team and smash your goals. Football and direct selling are not so different after all. Are you able to find more similarities? Leave us a comment.



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