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QNET Achievers Spotlight: Platinum Star Associate V Partner Nasib BR

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You Work the Hardest When Times Are Hard

How much pain do you have to be in, before you give it everything you have to overcome it?  Many a time, people find themselves in a situation that seems completely hopeless. Life is, after all, about the peaks and valleys, the triumphs and losses. But not everyone has the resilience to stick through the tough times to discover what lies on the other side of it. Those who do, are the achievers. In this inspiring interview, Platinum Star Associate V Partner Nasib BR shares his insights into what it takes to become a member of the elite QNET Achievers’ Club.

What, according to you, are the traits of a QNET Achiever?

In order to be a QNET Achiever, the first thing you must do is be a follower. Follow your upline; create a culture of followership in your team. In all that we do, it should be something that our downlines and team members can look to as a benchmark. For me, that was my upline V Partner Padma. The day I stopped trying to do things my way and started following her advice because she had already travelled this road, was the day I started rising up.

Edification is the backbone of our business, and this applies to more than just your uplines – you can edify everything, from a meeting to a position. So, wherein we edify and talk about becoming a Diamond Star, a Blue Diamond, or a Platinum, that culture of edification slowly embeds the thought of rising up the ranks in our downlines. Someone who regularly talks, from the heart, about becoming an Achiever should also create a culture of Repeat Sales Purchase(s) in his/her team and work on upgrading their downlines.

That’s the most important part: instead of focusing on our own rank, we push our downlines to achieve Sapphire or Gold. When we push them to do so, they’ll start earning a better income and, in turn, can push their downlines to do the same. So, the best thing is to focus on your downlines’ rank advancement, and automatically you will as well.

When we give a position to a leader, people understand that everybody works either for money or for fame. Attention comes with becoming an Achiever; once this is edified, then [the process] is easy. Even new team members will become confident and think, “I can also be an Achiever. I don’t have to wait for years to get noticed by my uplines.” Being a Sapphire Star immediately gets you in your uplines’ circle of influence, and people will work hard for that.

If you could share one important tip with others to qualify for the QNET Achievers’ Club, what would it be?

I tell my downlines to take the Achievers’ Club seriously. We can’t sell what we don’t buy. We first buy into this concept of getting into the Achievers’ Club and, as Chief Pathman says, “Monkey see, monkey do.” If I’m set on becoming a Platinum Star, then I have to make sure that those in my team are Sapphires. Becoming an Achiever means making sure your team grows. This is the most important lesson I learnt from V Partner Padma. We need to focus on our team achieving this [sales target] and advancing in rank, and in order to do that, we need to push ourselves first. So, if you set your target as double than what is required for the rank, you’ll surely get there.

How do you motivate your team members to become Achievers? Aside from the higher income, what are the reasons they should aim to be a part of the QNET Achievers’ Club?

Becoming a member of this club is an experience money cannot buy – I say this to my downlines with all my heart. I could go for a trip all around the world by myself, but in the Club incentive trip, we get to travel with Chief Pathman, and with our Founders Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. Personally, I went on this trip for the first time last year, where I flew in a private plane branded with QNET with all the V Partners! I sat in between Dato Sri and Chief while watching a match between Manchester City and Arsenal and got to meet the Manchester City players – now that was a mind-blowing experience.

In 2018, when I qualified for the Achievers Club incentive trip to Spain, I received a visa invitation letter from FC Barcelona. I couldn’t attend that year, but how exciting was that! I had felt so insignificant all through my life, and never in my wildest dreams thought I’d get an invite from a top-tier football club to attend a match. Although I couldn’t go that year, that letter was a great motivation for my me and my team.

What are your favourite memories from the QNET Achievers’ Club incentive trip?

We were watching the match in Etihad Stadium in Manchester and I was sitting next to Dato Sri. At one point City scored a goal and Dato was so thrilled that he high-fived me! We’d just met and here I was sitting next to him getting high-fived sharing a celebration! I’ll never forget that. Boarding the plane, I was so excited to see the QNET logo emblazoned on it. What was even more exciting is that I had two of my teammates with me and I was so happy that they could share this experience.

At that moment, I looked back at my life and understood that, in 2010, when I was really struggling in the direct selling business, both these gentlemen, who today are V Council Member Shamseer Kareem and Associate V Partner Sanu Nair, decided to trust me. They trusted someone who couldn’t even afford a car and, in fact, was in debt. They decided to quit their jobs and start this [QNET] business with me. Before boarding, we took a selfie in front of the plane, they thanked me, hugged me, and said, “This journey was worth it.” That moment was truly inspirational, and I felt a great deal of pride. Once again here, I have to thank Padma Akka who made it possible for me to make it to that point in my life.

So, to those who are starting out in this business, let me tell you this: You’ll go through a lot of tough times but, one day, you’ll have this moment, too. Money can buy you many luxuries, but after a while, it will stop motivating you. What makes the journey exciting is sharing these emotions with the people around you. When someone hugs you, looks at you, and says, “I am so glad I trusted you” – what could be more fulfilling than that?


If you could talk to yourself ten years ago, when you were still struggling, what is the one thing you would tell that person?

Today, with the difficulties we face due to COVID-19, people tend to give up on whatever they believed in. They were working on their dream project, then suddenly, a crisis like this pandemic comes into our lives and they think that it’s all over. That’s what happened to me in 2008 – I’d made bad decisions in my life, the financial crisis struck, and I thought it was all over.

My then-upline told me that we should put our business on hold and wait for a month. That month became two months, then three, and it went on that way until one day, I realised that I’d basically quit. You see, quitting is not instantaneous; it really happens over a period of time. We slowly get detached, then before we know it, we’re out and done.

People make this mistake of ‘taking a break’. I’ve done it as well, and now, looking back, I wish I had continued in spite of the negativity around me. If Padma Akka had not pulled me out and given me the courage to start again, I would not be here. I keep telling my downlines, if one-day Nasib comes to you and says, “That’s not possible,” do not believe him. Even though they respect me, if I say something like that, they shouldn’t listen. I believed my then-upline at the time, who told me that it was over, and we should wait. On the other hand, there were other people, like Sachin Gupta and Kavita Sugandh, who started their business that same year and went on to become V Partners. They didn’t take a break during a crisis, they started during a crisis!

In 2010, I already had fire in my eyes – I was in debt and had no other choice but to succeed in this business. So, if I could go back and talk to Nasib in 2008, I’d say, “Buddy, suit up. This is the time to work hard.”



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  3. That was great motivational notes Nasib Ikkaa. I will surely work on my downlines and even I will sit in that plane soon 😈


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