Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Fashion A Classic Look Every Day With Brook & Blaze Jewellery

Introducing to you Brook & Blaze, the latest jewellery collection from QNET to help you stand out every day. Brook & Blaze believes in success brought about by passion, hard work and a desire to make a difference. And nothing shows this belief better but through their new pendants, earrings, bracelets and bangles.

Achievements are made more memorable when they are represented by everyday little things that remind us of how far we’ve come. Our personal style reflects not only our taste in fashion but also the confidence and integrity in everything that we do. Our clothes can betoken the daily work we do. Our shoes can speak for the steps we steadily take. And our jewellery? They can be the perfect testimony of your accomplishments.

From intricate to sleek, the most recent jewellery collection from Brook & Blaze best celebrates how passionately yet stylishly you are living your every day.

Brooke & Blaze Crimson Radiance Set

Crimson Radiance Set

Light the fire in your soul

This set is made for the feisty. Bringing the heat to the Brook & Blaze collection is the Crimson Radiance Series. Set your style ablaze with a beautiful pendant. Match the fire in your soul with a pair of scarlet earrings. Display your burning passion for success with a chain of illustrious sparkle.

Brook Blaze Aqua Lustre Set

Aqua Lustre Set

Shine deeper than the ocean

A set of jewels created with outstandingly fashionable women in mind. All the hues of the blue ocean are set a-glitter in the Aqua Lustre Series. Let your beauty and tenacity show in the most intricate pieces from the new Brook & Blaze collection. Reveal the beauty in earnestness through a brass pendant, stylish earrings, an elegant bangle — or all three, even.

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Brook Blaze Shimmering Charm 1

Shimmering Charm Set

Sparkle like a starlit night

In a sea of ordinary, dare to be different. These pieces are for ladies who are always ready to shine. Stand out as you work it with the Shimmering Charm Series. Embrace the simple charm of the pendant, earrings and bangle, while showing how there is magnificence in quiet elegance.

brook blaze from qnet 1

United Bracelet

Class is not complicated

Who says jewellery is for women only? Perfect for every dapper gentleman, the United Bracelet is a 4 millimetre-diameter bracelet, with a stainless steel Bajonett press system. Simple, stylish, and sleek, this is the touch of class that only the most conscientious of men deserve.

They say success is what you bring on the table every single day. Wear these gorgeous items from Brook & Blaze, radiate determination, and be your best self each passing day.

Complete your everyday look with the pieces from this collection, now available in your eStore.

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