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V Partner Sachin Gupta On Starting Your QNET Business

Our one and only V Partner Sachin Gupta comes back for another interview with a message to all aspiring entrepreneurs. Here, in our QNET Success Stories series, we interview all the top QNET Achievers in the business in the hopes of gaining some insight into finding success in your direct selling journey. In this interview, V Partner Sachin Gupta shares his perspective on handling rejections, finding your destination in life, and how to nurture the entrepreneur’s mindset. Read on and find out what nuggets of wisdom from QNET’s first-ever Blue Diamond Star you’ll get today!

What do you say when people ask you why QNET products are expensive?

Well, there are two ways to look at this. Tell me, is a Ferrari expensive or cheap? Most people would say it’s expensive, but I say: It’s expensive for those who don’t have the money to buy it. Anything which you find expensive is an indicator of how much money you make. So, when it comes to starting your QNET business, rather than thinking that the products are expensive, think about the destination in life wherein nothing would be expensive to you.

If you can gather up some money to buy a product – a good holiday, a top-quality water filter, a life-enhancing energy product – keep in mind that along with that product comes a business opportunity. And this opportunity is what can give you that level of financial freedom – the freedom of not having to use the word, ‘expensive’.

What do you say to people who say that they do not have money to join QNET?

Let’s say you’re a mechanic and want to start a repair shop – you’d need to buy the tools to run the shop, right? If you want to become an Uber driver, you need to buy a car. Even if it’s on a loan, you’d still need to spend money first, but you’d do it! Because you know that, from that car, you can earn future income.

Starting your QNET business works the same way. There is a small registration fee, there is no capital required – you just need to sell the product(s) or buy them if you wish to use them yourself. So, actually, it’s just the expense to starting a business! And if you’re not ready to do that either, then I have nothing else to say. Maybe you’re good with having a job and entrepreneurship isn’t for you. 

V Partner Sachin Gupta 14

What do you say to prospects who tell you they saw negative news online about QNET?

I tell them, “If you’ve read about the negative news, then you should have come across the positive news also.” If you want to do some research, then do it properly! There are plenty of positive examples you can find online – QNET Success Stories being one of them. Focusing on the people who failed won’t help you succeed. Talk to people who have succeeded in direct selling and learn how you can as well.

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In every industry, not just in direct selling, there are people who succeed and people who fail. It all depends on your attitude. In the end, you need to decide: Who do you want to follow? A success, or a failure?


What advice do you give people in handling rejections?

I always tell my downlines, “Look, these rejections don’t concern you or QNET. They are rejecting their own future.” I simply look at it this way: If the person is aware of their destination in life, and if they can see that this QNET business can take them there, they will come.

There are two kinds of people – those who know their destination and those who don’t. The second type will give you a thousand reasons for not joining the business. And it’s not about QNET, they don’t have any hunger in life because they just don’t know where they want to be. Now, to the people who know their destination, I ask them this: Can your destination be achieved by what you’re doing currently? If the answer is yes, then don’t look at anything else. But if the answer is no, then maybe this QNET business is worth a try!

So, it is not so much a rejection, but more of a checking process. Prospecting is a process wherein we check whether the person fits into the business or not, and whether the business fits into that person’s life or not, at that point in time. And if the answer is no, that doesn’t always mean that they are rejecting it forever. Maybe in the future, their life will change, and they will be clear about their destination. Maybe it just didn’t match at the time

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When would you say is the right time for QNET newcomers to focus full-time on direct selling?

I started doing my QNET business full-time after four months. When I left my job, I had no other resource. But you must understand, running this business is like starting a family – it becomes your responsibility to take care of them. My team and I, we set weekly targets to achieve our monthly targets, and they had to be met. It’s like any other business.

Take for example, my downline Midhulaj Paramba. I didn’t allow him to leave his job until he started making money at QNET. He left only after he started earning regular cheques, not at the beginning. In QNET, with a target-oriented mindset, you can earn a decent amount to run the family. And later on, you can increase that with consistent, hard work.

Blue Diamond Star and V Partner Sachin Gupta is one of QNET’s top Achievers, and now, also a venture capitalist. Regardless of his great successes, he continues to approach business and work with the same hunger he had when he started his journey. V Partner Sachin Gupta is living proof that when you set a target and work hard consistently, the possibilities are truly endless. What are your thoughts on the advice V Partner Sachin Gupta shared with us today? Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. Indeed, VP SACHIN is always an inspiration . In shaa Allah, I am going to be a successful entrepreneur one day with guidance of infiniti leaders

  3. Thank you V Partner Sachin, You’re are indeed a great leader and a dreamer. You inspires me a lot in my journey in Qnet.🙏😍

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    Good support and guiders from uplines such a wonderful opportunity to achieve dreams

  5. His every answer shows the clarity of his thoughts. He was very clear in this mind and that helped him to sail through it.

  6. The world is a byproduct of our thoughts, as truly said by sachin sir. Change in mindset from failure to success is ultimate conclusion by sachin bhai.
    World needs people like sachin bhai, not only to change the financial concept but also emotional and spiritual values.
    Great mentor.

  7. QNet has given me wings to fly n achieve not only my dreams but a huge opportunity to change the life of many others . I’m proud to be part of it .
    The processes made by Sachin are helping so many today to achieve great heights .
    Love you Sachin❤️❤️❤️

  8. VP Sachin Gupta is a Great Leader, Always an Inspiring person, May God Bless our big family across the Globe. Nice article to and can read whenever required. Thanks Bhai

    • The words are really inspiring and pushes ones mind more towards this business. I am a really small person infront of you sir but still would just want to add, the best motivation for a person to continuously go forward is to have some of his critics next to him, who keep chalenging them daily.

  9. Thank u Sachin bhai… Thank u my uplines and thank u Qnet ,♥️ ita too great to be a part of amazing family.♥️

  10. I love QNET and am so happy to be one of the member of Qnet, Thank you Great Upline V partner Sachin for amazing words. Am totally empty my cup

    • It’s a life changing we have to believe our self that what sachin sir says

  11. Qnet is huge opportunity and here we got new family. They help us to grew our business. By our hard work and knowledge, How to talk to people, how to handle their objections. You can become more wealthy.

  12. He is simply an amazing upline. His way of sharing is based on absolute facts and truth. He is like a guiding light and I always look upto his messages, interviews and conversations, whenever I face any negativity around and it helps me dispelling that.

  13. He is very inspiring person in my life and also in my QNET journal. When i get stuck or when i get negative. I started watching him. I see the vision or in his eyes so that i also started working like that.


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