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Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis On the Meaning of Success

Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis, after years of hard work, knows first-hand that success is rarely defined by the struggle it took to achieve it. It is often only noticed by the result people see. However, the journey to becoming a QNET Achievers’ Club member consists of far more important things than financial gain – it is the journey of a lifetime. As eager to share his perspective on the matter as he is passionate about the direct selling industry, Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis sits with us for an interview you won’t want to miss. Read on to find out his message to all aspiring entrepreneurs!

How did you feel the first time you were called on stage as an Achiever?

I felt CRAZY. I was so happy that I jumped all the way to the stage! My team and I worked very hard to get to that point, so to be called up and recognised was truly an amazing moment – a moment we all waited for but couldn’t believe once it finally happened.

What must someone do in order to become an Achiever like yourself?

They must be crazy! Honestly, sometimes I post on Facebook or Instagram saying, “I’m looking for two people who want to become millionaires. Who is ready to work with me?” This business is meant for high-performers. So, you need to be a bit unusual. You need to have crazy goals and, most importantly, you need to follow the compensation plan. If you do that, and give total focus to the business, you will be one of the Achievers.

Aside from earning a higher income, what are the other reasons one should strive to become an Achiever?

You see, when you reach the level of the Achievers, it’s not a matter of money. It’s a matter of ‘higher’ living, of having a different lifestyle. This takes a long time to accomplish and requires A LOT of hard work: Sleepless nights, a lot of travelling, attending meeting after meeting, talking to business leaders and to QNET, and so on. Look at me, for example, I’m a person who ends the year with an annual commission of one million dollars, so I think like a millionaire. So, becoming an Achiever is about working your way to a higher level in life. It’s about developing yourself so that you can have a better life than the one you had before.

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Please tell us more about the kind of personal development you experience once you become an Achiever.

Once you become an Achiever, you start to have a different way of thinking. And, of course, more responsibility. As one of the Achievers, I now have more people looking to me for guidance, so I have to lead them and keep advancing! I can’t go backwards; I have that responsibility to set the example to my downlines. Also, as an Achiever, you start to think beyond just yourself, to plan for the future differently, and connect more with QNET leaders.

QNET organises an Achievers’ Club incentive trip every year; please describe your first Achievers’ trip. Where did you go?

We went to Barcelona! This trip was my first time ever going to Europe, in fact. I’ll never forget it. This wasn’t an event like the V-Convention; the Achievers’ incentive trip is a VIP gathering with the top-level people of QNET. The Founders, Chief Pathman, and the V Partners were all there. As I mentioned before, when you become an Achiever, you start to think differently, and when you’re with these leaders, you start to look at the direct selling business in a different way. I look forward to the next time we can all go again, and I advise everyone to work hard to become an Achiever and go on this trip. It truly changes your life.

What would you say is the key to success?

In one word? The secret to success is, you need to be hungry. You need to have this hunger to accomplish bigger things in life. And it’s not just about money. In order to be a successful person, you must want to change your life, the life of your family, your friends, and that of others around you, for the better! This journey is not the same for everyone, but to achieve success, you need to challenge yourself, and keep challenging yourself. Stay hungry and be the best you can be!

Success doesn’t just happen to people who do nothing. Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis, even after years of experiencing success in his direct selling journey, is still hungry to do more and be more. The question is, are you? Are you one of the crazy people he talked about, who is ready to work and change your life to achieve better things? If you are, then you’re on your way to being a member of the Achievers’ Club. Let us know your thoughts on Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis’s answers in the comments below! Share your ambitions and look forward to a fantastic future!


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