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Chief Reveals His Biggest Secret To Success In QNET

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Chief told us all about his biggest secret to success in a tell-all session on Insta Live. He spoke about how every entrepreneur and direct seller comes to QNET trying to crack the code to ultimate success. However, he said, the secret to his success in QNET was very simple, yet efficient. It’s a secret that no amount of studying or working could’ve taught him. It’s a secret he learnt from Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran himself. Read on to find out more.

How Chief Found His Secret To Success

Chief revealed that whenever he got a chance to go to Dato Sri’s house, he would go prepared with questions he wanted the answers to. In one such occasion, Chief asked Dato Sri, “What is the secret to success in direct selling?” Dato Sri replied, “YOU are the secret to success!”

There Is No Technique Or Strategy

Chief then went home and thought about what Dato Sri said all night, but still didn’t understand what he meant. So, the next time he saw him, he asked Dato Sri for clarification. Chief wanted to learn strategies for success, he wanted a technique he could follow step by step to find success, he wanted easy to follow advice. However, Dato Sri said that there isn’t a secret like that, no blanket solution or strategy. YOU are the best tool for success, the best strategy.

YOU Are The Secret

It took Chief many years to fully understand what Dato Sri meant. He now understands clearly that success is within you always. Your potential is already within you. All you have to do is believe in yourself, back yourself, and do what it takes to unleash that potential.

Everyone was born with equal potential. No one was born with something extra. If you look at all QNET success stories, they have one thing in common. Everyone started from scratch and rose above their tough lives to achieve success. If you look at most of the millionaires, they didn’t even graduate high school or go to university. They were just regular people who wanted something bad enough to actually go out and do whatever it took to achieve it.

How To Unlock Your Potential

Chief invited us to imagine that we have a box near our hearts. And inside our box, there is limitless energy and tonic energy. However, it’s in a box that is locked. You have limitless potential that will allow you to achieve anything you want. All you have to do is unlock that potential, and you will find that the secret to success has been you all along.

What Happened When Chief Understood The Secret

When Chief finally understood what Dato was trying to tell him, he unlocked the box to his own potential, and felt clarity like he had never felt before. It felt like a bright light just shone from his chest, and from that moment on, he was unstoppable. He felt that no negativity could impact him because he finally understood himself and his true potential.

In the words of Chief, “So, to all of you there If you’re asking questions right now, why is your check not bigger than it is today? Why are you struggling to sign up people? Why are you losing your downlines to negative articles to other companies? It’s because they have not realised their potential, and they are searching for answers by jumping from one company to another opportunity to something else. It’s ultimately about you seeing the key and unlocking that box of your limitless potential within you. is about you realizing that you are the answer.”

You can watch the full Insta Live session here:

If you’re looking for a one-stop-solution to finding success in direct selling, it won’t come from buying hundreds of books, watching video after video, or even from Googling direct selling success stories. You carry the secret to success in QNET in your DNA. All you have to do is believe that YOU are the secret, and unlock that potential.



  1. Reading this really unlocked me and my leader my own sister. I had now unlocked my heart and I will be leave my potential. I am ready to fight myself about all my suffering and family poorness to happy life. Thank you my leader and my all my uplines. Thank you so much Chief

  2. This is the biggest secret I have ever learnt from Chief. And I believe with this, nothing can stop me from not achieving my dreams, and nothing can stop my down lines from not achieving there dreams too.

  3. I love the message from our chief in Qnet God bless you sir, and I will like to watch more on Instagram, from Sierra Leone Freetown.


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