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Let’s Celebrate 10 Years Of HomePure Together

10 Years of Homepure 2020

It’s 10 years of HomePure this year, and it’s time to celebrate! 10 years ago, we launched the HomePure 7-Stage, NSF-certified, home water filtration system, to distribute clean water to millions of people across the board. We committed ourselves to improving the lives of everyone with clean and safe drinking water through HomePure’s world-class quality, design, and technology. It’s now our 10th anniversary! What a milestone!

People use water every day to stay hydrated, to cook, and to clean, amongst other things, making clean water essential to life. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With 10 years of HomePure, we have pushed past our limits year after year. We have equipped homes with best-in-class water filtration systems so families could drink their water in peace and with confidence.

HomePure sought to ensure that contaminated water does not reach your faucets. We believe that everyone should have access to clean, clear water. As a result, we donated reliable, high-quality water filters to communities and people who need it most, enhancing the quality of their lives and fostering a happier and healthier world. In the process, we also contributed to the conservation of water and significantly reduced the use of plastic water bottles which ultimately meets QNET’s goal of encouraging sustainability in order to protect the environment and save the world we live in.

Therefore, on this special occasion of 10 years of HomePure, it feels right to revisit the heart-warming stories of the lives touched and transformed by HomePure since our inception. We’re not just talking about the millions of households from over 90 countries that were enriched when HomePure water filters were installed in their homes, but also the organisations and groups we helped through our donations of clean drinking water. After all, access to clean drinking water is a basic human right.

Explore some of our stories throughout the years:


Gave back to society with a donation to an orphanage run by the Society for the Protection of Children in Turkey

QNET Turkey Gifts HomePures To Society For The Protection Of Children Run Orphanage


Launched the limited edition HomePure water filters, HomePure RED, and donated USD $20,000 to a Myanmar school project to educate 120 orphans

Your HomePure RED Purchase Drives Myanmar School Project


Celebrated World Water Day 2017 with the donation of clean drinking water to a struggling community in Bulak, Indonesia

QNET Indonesia Donates HomePure Products for World Water Day

Brought a positive change to Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice in Kuwait City with life-enhancing water filtration system and air purifiers

QNET Supports Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice This Ramadan

UN World Water Day 2017: HomePure sponsored a roundtable discussion that tackled issues related to clean water and its impact on the lives of the Egyptian citizens

HomePure Sponsors Key World Water Day Roundtable In Egypt

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World Water Day 2018: Ensured that every child with cancer, under the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation, in Egypt has access to clean and safe drinking water.

QNET Brings Clean Water And Cheer To Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation Egypt

Provided the Snegiri Orphanage and Helping Hand charity foundation in Novosibirsk, Russia with sustainable access to safe water

Visited hospitals and national schools in Cairo and Aswan to spread awareness about clean water and give out HomePure colouring books during Ramadan


Donated clean and safe Pi Water to the University Hospital of Beni Messous in Algiers

HomePure Nova Donates Clean Water To University Hospital Of Beni Messous In Algiers


Honoured and empowered mothers in Russia on International Women’s Day at a crisis centre for young mothers

QNET Russia Honours Mothers On International Women’s Day

Donated HomePure water filters to universities and hospitals in Casablanca, Morocco, as part of QNET’s global COVID-19 relief projects

A Glimpse At QNET’s COVID-19 Relief Projects Worldwide

Prioritised health and safety with the donation of clean and reliable water and air filters to the city hospital in Kazakhstan during the COVID-19 crisis

QNET In Kazakhstan Donates Air And Water Filters To City Hospital

In the past 10 years of HomePure, we take a lot of pride in how far we’ve come and how widely HomePure water filtration systems have been adopted. But this is about more than just HomePure. We will continue to push the limits and develop fresh solutions for the greater good of humanity. In the coming years, we hope to continue expanding our reach and ensure easy access to clean and safe drinking water for all.

A big thank you to everyone for their continued support and for being a part of the HomePure journey over the last 10 years.



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