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Platinum Star Ahmad Al-Tabaa Shares His Success Story

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QNET Achiever and Platinum Star Ahmad Al-Tabaa talks about his journey with QNET in this candid interview. Platinum Star Ahmad first heard about QNET and the direct selling business opportunity from a family member who was visiting him at the time. From thinking that this was just a bog-standard opportunity to achieving great success within QNET, Platinum Star Ahmad Al-Tabaa is a role model many IRs look up to. Read his story here.

Life Before QNET

Platinum Star Ahmad Al-Tabaa learnt about QNET towards the end of 2015 through a relative who had come to visit him. Before that, he worked several jobs for 15 long years. He always looked for new job opportunities to elevate him from his routine life. When he heard about QNET, he didn’t think it would be anything special. However, he has since learnt just how massive an opportunity QNET really is. He was inspired to join QNET because of the enthusiasm of his upline. His upline was able to make all of his dreams come true through QNET, and so, Platinum Star Ahmad was inspired to have his own big dreams. He earned his first cheque within the first month of joining QNET. That made him realise that through QNET, he would be able to achieve all of his dreams.

Overcoming Challenges And Becoming A QNET Achiever

Whatever challenges Platinum Star Ahmad Al-Tabaa faced, his dreams were stronger. He was also able to feed off the strength of his team who were very supportive and encouraging. The best part of the QNET opportunity, according to him, was that he had a team that was like a family to him – who collectively worked towards their goals and in helping each other overcome any obstacles.

Thanks to QNET, Platinum Star Ahmad feels like his whole life has changed for the better. His outlook for his life is higher, and he now dreams bigger. His desire to achieve more and more of his dreams is not just for himself but all of his downlines. This is what gives him the strength to keep going. His next goals are pretty clear – for himself, he wants to achieve Diamond Star rank within the QNET Achievers’ Club, and for his team, he wants to see them spread all over the world.

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Advice To Those Who Want To Be QNET Achievers

To Platinum Star Ahmad Al-Tabaa, a QNET Achiever is someone who has a vision. In order to be a QNET Achiever, you first need to have that dream, and a burning desire to make it come true. If he could give one piece of advice, it would be to have self-belief. You are enough, and everything you need to succeed is within yourself. You just have to believe. The second key quality to nurture if you want to be successful in QNET is teamwork.

Hats off to QNET Achiever and Platinum Star Ahmad Al-Tabaa for not only finding a way to make his dreams come true, but also changing the lives of his downlines along the way. Join us in congratulating him on his massive achievements in the comment section below.


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