Platinum Star Osama Adnan On Being A QNET Achiever

QNET Platinum Star Osama Adnan joined QNET in 2013, and has been one of our long-standing Achievers. We interviewed him about his QNET Journey, his success story, and gained insight into what makes the QNET Achievers’ Club so exclusive.

Life Before QNET

Before joining QNET, Platinum Star Osama Adnan lived a very standard life, graduating from university before working in a series of traditional jobs. He discovered QNET through a close friend, and instantly saw it as the opportunity which would help him achieve financial freedom. Osama had many reasons for joining QNET, the biggest of which being that he couldn’t see his any of his ambitions becoming a reality with all his prior jobs.

Life at QNET

Upon joining QNET, it only took Platinum Star Osama a week to earn his first cheque. They began to come on a regular basis thereafter. Aside from changes to his financial status, Osama speaks strongly of the changes that took place from within during his time at QNET. “What changed in me after QNET, apart from having a lot of money and realising my dreams, is that I got the businessman mentality, and the mentality of helping others.” Osama is looking to pass on his knowledge to his partners and his teammates, with the aim of ultimately helping them achieve Platinum and Sapphire Ranks. His own personal goal is to reach Diamond Star.

Becoming an Achiever

When asked about important traits and tips towards becoming a QNET Achiever, Platinum Star Osama stated that being a leader who leads by example is the most vital. “Never stop chasing your dreams, do daily productive activities, be serious in following the system, and help your downlines to succeed and you’ll automatically be successful.” He believes in motivating his team by helping them realise their true potential. He believes in leading through his actions rather than his words. Aside from reaping the financial benefits, Osama tells us that having true belief in the business model and a burning desire for success should be what drives us towards wanting to join the exclusive QNET Achievers Club.

QNET Achiever Osama Adnan is a clear example of someone who has reached his heights through chasing his ambition and desire. We can all be inspired by those who have achieved great success from a humble, simple background.  Do you want to be a QNET Achiever like Osama?  Let us know in the comments.


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