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QNET Rank Advancement According To AVP Ahmed Hamza

QNET Rank Advancement is the backbone of your journey as an entrepreneur with QNET. It’s what drives a direct seller to consistently strive, and look to level up and be the best. Associate V Partner (AVP) Ahmed Hamza has altered the standard in the African market by being a leader through example. His biggest success comes from the philosophy of “Buy. Use. Repeat.”. In this interview, we sit down with him to talk about why he loves QNET Rank Advancement, and how he found success through Repeat Sales Points. You will also learn how he finds motivation to keep going, his tips for direct sellers, and how he built a strong and powerful team.

According to you, what are the best things about Repeat Sales Points?

Repeat Sales Points are the way to build a strong organisation. Not only does it give you financial freedom, it also gives you residual income, which means you can be on vacation on the beach and still be earning!

What pushed you to become successful in QNET Rank Advancement?

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I wanted to motivate my team to advance in rank with me, so I thought the best way to do that is by achieving the highest rank possible first, and then have them duplicate my efforts.

How did you motivate your team to advance in ranks?

Commission and recognition. This is what Rank Advancement is all about and it’s something that every Distributor wants. Just instilling in them the thought of increasing their commission, and being recognised by QNET in front of the whole world as an Achiever, is motivation enough.

How did you manage to encourage such a big region to head towards one goal of becoming Gold Stars?

I could not have done it alone. I had the support of all my leaders. We all agreed to take up the challenge and make it our strategy – to raise our whole team to the Gold Star Rank. We put together a plan with a strict time frame and we kept focused until we achieved it. It’s all about Belief, Focus and Teamwork.

What do you think of Rank Advancement and AVP Ahmed Hamza’s advice? Let us know in the comments.


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