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Platinum Star Praneshwar Prasad Shyam Shares His QNET Success Story

Platinum Star Praneshwar Prasad Shyam QNET Success Story

Platinum Star Praneshwar Prasad Shyam has been building his QNET success story for the last six and a half years. He is a thriving member of the QNET Achievers’ Club but getting there took hard work and a never-give-up attitude. Read on to find out how Platinum Star Praneshwar Prasad Shyam found success in direct selling with QNET, and his advice to young distributors around the world.

Life Before QNET

Born in India, Platinum Star Praneshwar Prasad Shyam followed what society told him was the perfect path. “I always studied hard, and had huge hopes for a good job. I even joined what I thought was my dream corporate company. But after a few years, I realised that I was not in the right place, and that I wasn’t going to achieve my life’s goals. And so, I started developing a Plan B. I tried several things including trying to get an MBA before I finally found QNET.”

Reminiscing on how he found QNET, he said, “I came across the social media of a senior in college that I hardly knew. I used to look at their feed and wonder why they were doing so well and I wasn’t. They never were in a well paying corporate job, and I had better scores and better placement than them. And yet, they were thriving. So, I started trying to find out his secret. One of the most attractive things about QNET was that it was the only business opportunity that was offering a good profit with minimal overheads.”

Facing And Overcoming Direct Selling Challenges

As with any business opportunity, finding steady success requires a certain level of hard work and resilience. Platinum Star Praneshwar Prasad Shyam earned his first cheque pretty soon after he joined, but it took him over six months to start earning regularly. Speaking on some of the biggest challenges he faced, he said, “I am an introvert and a reserved person. I was also a workaholic who had hardly any friends. In the beginning, I thought that maybe direct selling was not for me because of the networking element. However, I focussed my energy on learning the soft skills I needed to succeed. It was difficult because I had to learn how to talk to people but I kept trying and never gave up. I would learn by attending friends’ meetings, observing from the sidelines because I was desperate about being better at those skills.”

“Today, I am a QNET Achiever with a thriving team. When I first started with QNET, I did it for the money. I wanted to live better and to give my parents a better life. Today, my greatest assets aren’t limited to my bank balance. It is that I am able to use my skills to change someone else’s life. My mindset evolved and matured. Today, I feel a sense of responsibility towards my fellow humans”

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Advice To QNET Distributors On Direct Selling

Platinum Star Praneshwar Prasad Shyam is living proof of finding success in QNET no matter where you start or what your personality type is. It is the one opportunity where your biggest asset is yourself. When asked for his tips for success, he said “A common trait of the QNET Achiever is how much time they invest into making their business a success and what their attitude is. I believe that the bare minimum that Achievers should invest is 12-14 hours into their business. Without putting in the hard work, you cannot expect the success. My other advice is to change your mindset on the challenges you face. I find that having 1% of hope is a greater than a 100% chance of failure. Thirdly, I would encourage everyone to become a pathfinder or a navigator yourself so that your team can follow in your footsteps.”


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